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Just Curious to those who "started all over"

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    I don’t know where I’m trying to go with this but

    I made decent money as a poker affiliate a few years ago, then I got called up for Active Duty from the Reserves and literally let all my online stuff go.
    Well, I’m going to say one thing, LOL it’s been hard getting back in. In the last 9 months I think I accumulated about 1600.00 starting back up (from gambling only.) This was basically what I would make in a month prior.

    Since then I made a few sites, changed my mind, sold them on ebay and started all over.

    If I was completely new to this I would think that 1600.00 in 8 months starting new was really good (which in many ways it is.) Not to sound greedy, but it’s kind of hard to settle for this knowing what you used to make.

    Just out of curiosity, how many of you had to quit for any reason then got back in and started all over. If so how long did it take to get to a comfortable point? I guess I’m asking this because I can almost bet it was easier to get sign-ups 4-5 years ago than it now (or so it seems to me.)

    Would love to hear from you :)


    Since October of last year the market has gone through a major shift due to UIGEA. Even those of us who never left the business are finding it much tougher to earn anywhere near what we did a year ago.

    There is still plenty of money to be made, but it requires a lot more time and effort then it used to.



    I have a partner whom many questioned in recent thread I had started about links exchanges.

    that partner has already (after starting over) is now making more than I do with all my 7 yrs of back player base. is it possible? I think yes.

    you gotta be good and this parter’s proving to be. I know many questioned .. and probably will continue to question advice given to me … but I bet this partner is now making as much or more than those who question.

    I don’t take anything away from those who questioned: quite the opposite. They were kind enough and thought enough about me to question. I will always be in these people’s debts.

    and I have tried to share with them what I am finding / told from this obvious guru of the SEO.

    Not saying they weren’t right. but do know the facts as given in top 2 paragraphs.


    i came to this business in 2001, after my original sites which relied on “Traditional ad” revenues, had lost their sponsors. Since october, i’ve mainly spent time going back to that business to try improve it, while i try to realign my gaming affliate sites to focus outside the US. I’ve improved our monthly revenues in that business from about $1k to $6k in 8 months. within a couple of months of working on the original sites and PPC revenues, i felt pretty good, that i’d found a second business that i could ultimately earn a living from.

    Starting Over? I’m doing it for the 3rd time in 9 years.
    Worth it? with respect to gaming aff business and my non-US component, still not worth it. For my non-gaming business? yes

    In my cases, failure forced the change and i’ve shifted into other industries as a result. After the initial weeks of being depressed and feeling overwhelmed, i actually get excited and motivated that i’m trying something new. since 2003 i’ve made a lot more money and enjoy my work much more than when i worked as a software developer. My success in this business has made me feel confident of my ability to deal with change and keep making money.

    So, whether you choose to rebuild the old business or realign yourself with a new industry/area, it’s important to try. Be confident, but not cocky and get to work! :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)