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July commisions?

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    Nick its the 13th and the Barbarians are at the gate…


    Where’s the cabbage?


    It’s now the 17th and I’m wondering the same thing.


    Mine came today via fedex , if its any consolation.


    I got mine!


    me too i got paid


    Good day, Professor! :wavey:

    I hope you and my fellow Casino affiliates/promoters are in good spirits upon you reading this message.

    After reading your recent email (in which you jokingly asked: Could we not tempt you back?), I suddenly realized I have not been active on the Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) Community Discussion for a long time now. :tongue:

    While it would be easy to place the blame on my multiple Web development/design assignments, I have opted to make a public apology. After all, I am actively marketing various affiliate programs and business offers, all of which has afforded me the opportunity to be my own boss. Therefore, please accept my apology for the delay in my participating in the Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) Community Discussion.

    Usually, I would visit the forum to read the posted comments and replies. I have learned so much from this forum. I would like to thank the Professor and each member of this outstanding forum. I am looking forward to working with each one of you. You guys are very kind to share your experiences and to offer suggestions to our fellow Casino affiliates/promoters. You all have been very generous is your assisting the common person to be a success in the casino industry.

    In closing, I am anxious to receive my payment from Casino Coins. Truly, the Casino Coins staff there are very dedicated, dependable, and determined professionals with whom I am very honored to work. Professor, would you be so kind to contact Casino Coins regarding my payment? I have been duly due commission for a months now. I understand that there have been chargebacks issues; however, been enough time has elapsed to resolve the chargeback matter. Isn’t it time to send me the cabbage. LOL :wink-wink

    I realize that the staff is extremely busy to crunch the numbers, audit the books, cut checks, process electronic payments, and send out commission payment to us casino afilliates/promoters. I would be deligted if you can assist me in receiving my commission. Please Send me a private message for the details (eg, login name, site URL).

    Once again, I apologize for my tardiness and infrequent participation. I have the upmost respect for everyone at this forum. :hattip:

    I am awaiting your reply, Professor.


    The dude simply known as Casino Royale


    CR I received payment last week. They dont send all payments at one time so be patient and I am sure yours will arrive this week. Nick from Casino Coins visits CAP daily so I am sure he will be ij tounch you. If you require additional assistance let me know.


    got mine on Friday thanks Nick.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)