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Is there a quality gambling link build service?

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    I hope this is okay in general discussion.

    Does anyone offer a good value quality link building service.
    (if not what ideas could be put forward for offering one).

    Surely some webmasters with lots of good quality contacts could get sites links alot quicker.

    Im also talking quality links, relevant links, not buried in links directory links.

    I want a service where I say hey, where can you get me links for my blackjack site, and the service either gets me one way links or presents me a choice of sites who will reciprocate or a choice of sites who will offer me a paid link.

    Anything like this exist?



    This is probably the best place to get the links .Even directories sometimes refuse to list gambling these days.


    I think Jagan, CAP membername, provides a link building service, I’ve never read the threads, but am pretty sure I saw some with a like title. There are also a few companies that work with casinos that contact me from time to time wanting to buy links, I’m going to send this URL to a couple tonight and see if ya don’t get some attention :)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)