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Is the site selling stolen credit card numbers?

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    Look at this thread, they have a ladies social security #, DL#, address ect… xx

    Then these people have a link to my site at the bottom. I don’t want to be associated with these thieves. I don’t understand this site. I think they are also selling stolen neteller, paypal and epassporte accounts. Can anyone shed some light on this. I can’t believe my eyes. I certainly don’t want anything to do with this garbage and it really bothers me that they are linking to my site.



    I Sell Epassporte And Neteller.

    To anybody who want epass for poker or other things,I sell epassporte my price are
    1000epass = 250USD.

    1000$ neteler = 350 USD.

    Method of payment is egold/ Western Union.

    WTF is going on there?


    Well I have blocked any referred visitor from that site via htaccess and I also emailed support of the site and requested every one of those threads to be taken down immediately. I think its a legitimate forum, but just spam in those threads just like you get in any other forum. Unfortunately its spam of the worst kind. I did notice all the people attempting to sell this shit have very few posts. So hopefully they will take the threads down, especially the one with that poor ladies personal info.


    That site looks very corrupt mastercards for sale etc Its these guys who are selling credit card numbers of ours we use in petrol stations in the uk. Had someone in africa withdraw £50 off my card last year BASTARDS!


    wow, im shocked…… ive never actually seen a forum for ppl to sell stolen credit card info before, i thought they may have been selling prepaid cards, but appears not.


    It doesn’t seem the webmasters want to do something about it, the forum is full of it.
    The government should take legal action.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)