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Is it just me or is the…

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    Hypocrisy of this Administration starting to piss me the fuckoff!

    So let me get this straight. Now Chip-shit inc is concerned about the well being of the WTO? You mean the same WTO they Flipped the bird too only a month ago when it comes to Antiqua’s ruling? Saying since we are going to “Police” our own, we have no need for the WTO to act against the US in online gambling. So just today we tell the same WTO who we dont need. “Washington has demanded that any deal that significantly cuts U.S. farm subsidies must open new export markets around the world in agriculture, manufacturing and services.”

    So what we can use the WTO as we need and then tell them to screwoff when we dont? Personally, im getting sick of this sort of mentality out of this administration. It’s just not on one issue either, this hypicritical mentality exist with every aspect of this administration. I’m so sick of this BS, I cant wait till we finally have a change. Even hard core Repubs like Bloomburg is jumping ship. Thank god I jumped long ago.


    Just to keep it real, Bloomberg was a life long democrat who switched parties in 2001 to run as Republican, because he was advised he would never win as a democrat.

    I just happen to be watching CNN while this was being discussed when I read your post.

    John, did you get your check from VIP. I got mine this week. I never thought I would.

    Let me know if you got paid.


    Yes Buddy I did thanks. I posted my payment in the May Commissions thread as well.


    {First off all} I do not agree with the ban of gambling on line with Pres. Bush on that. How ever Pres. Bush is a good person. Democrats do not have a good plan ok. Withdraw all troops thats not a plan thats defeat. Giving up!
    Republican party is the only party that will keep us safe from all the terrorists all around the world they do not give up on their people. I keep track of all sides of politics. Democrats like to say bad evil things about this administration. They do not like any Republicans even if Jesus was on their side. Democrats believe in killing unborn babies. Well I am totally against that. There are more abortions in this country than there are troops dying overseas. Now the issue with war, I have spoken to lots of Troops they do not like giving up or they do not want to leave with out winning the war, get that straight left side. Lets support our heros. Since Sep 11th there has not been any attacks of terrorists in this country.
    So give some credit to Pres. Bush..

    Thanks and have a nice day.

    By the way I do not hate democrats I am not a party of hate, I feel sorry for them and their misguided ways.:slapface:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)