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Is Google Dancing?

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    I was checking link counts for my sites a google today and I noticed a decline of about 200 links!

    Has this happened to anyone else? Does Google sometimes drop links to one’s site when it is re-indexing?

    Since the general sentiment is that Google has been long overdue for its “dance”…I think the link count numbers are skewed because the tango has started.

    Also, I would like honest thoughts about the top ranking pages on Google for keywords “online casinos” and “online casino”….

    Most of these pages have about the same number of links in Google (between 100-600) and have dominated the top ten for these keywords for the past month, with shuffling here and there on a daily basis…

    Are these pages optimized perfectly for the keywords, or has Google given more importance to “off the page factors” such as page visits as recorded by its toolbar?

    In this case, it seems getting listed at the top of Google is near impossible- but staying at the top relatively easy….

    This engine confounds me….

    Is it possible these sites run cloaks?


    The dance is basically over at this point, though some deep crawling may still be in progress.

    Links are often dropped due to relevency issues, page rank, duplication and penalization.

    If you exchange links with sites using link farms, excessive links per page or ones that are penalized by Google you run the risk of being penalized also.

    If you are caught cloaking you will be permanently banned from Google. This often happens after several months, but eventually it does happen.

    If you are targeting competitive keywords like online casinos a cloaked site will be banned very quickly as your competitors will report you to Google. That domain will be banned and all sites linked to it penalized.

    There are no shortcuts or magic bullets here.

    Build a quality site with good content. Exchange links with other quality sites, update your content regularly and in time your rankings will improve.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)