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Interpartners says they overpaid us

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    Anybody else received this ….

    Dear xxx,

    As you may be aware Amaya Gaming acquired Cryptologic last year. Amaya has undertaken a complete audit of systems, processes and procedures that are in place.

    During this audit, it has come to our attention that during the period of April 2012 – October 2012, the calculation of “jackpot provision” sent to Income Access (the InterPartners Affiliate Program Platform) from our Data Warehouse was incorrect. After thorough investigation by our technical teams in Toronto and our analysts in Malta, we discovered that due to this error, some affiliate commission calculations were incorrect and overpayments of commission have been made.

    The method for calculating Net Revenue is:

    Gross Revenue + JP Player Provision – Promotions – Fraud – 20% admin fee.

    JP Player Provision is the JP Payout – JP Contribution.

    Where JP Payout = how much a player wins from the network jackpots
    And JP Contribution = how much a player puts into the network jackpot funds

    During the audit, we discovered that rather than sending the JP Player Provision,

    JP Player Provision + JP Payout was being sent. Effectively, JP Payout was being counted as revenue.

    Unfortunately, your affiliate account was affected and during this period we overpaid your commission by xxxxxx.xx As stated in the InterPartners Terms & Conditions (see 12.iii) our policy is to reclaim overpayments.

    This overpayment will be deducted from your future commission in one of 2 ways. You may either:
    1) Pay the amount over the next 3 months, which means you will still receive some earnings from us per month – as calculated by your average commissions 2012 – YTD
    2) Use your whole monthly commission for as long as required to pay the amount. If you choose this option, your commission will be $0 dependent on the amount of overpayment and your earnings in a given month.
    We are committed to be as transparent as possible with you and so all reports and analysis are attached for you to go through them. The report has been created on a player-by-player basis covering the affected period and I would like you to refer to columns “P” and “Q”. Column “P” shows the discrepancy in Net Revenue from our database and that of Income Access, column “Q” shows the discrepancy as a percentage – this is 80% of column “I” which shows the jackpot payout. This miscalculation occurred mid-April – therefore any April discrepancies would be less than the 80%.

    We would like to schedule a call as soon as possible so that we can go over your account and the reports provided in detail and answer any questions or concerns you have.

    Since then, we have performed a full system audit and corrected the mistake. The individuals responsible are no longer with the company, and Amaya has taken on the complete management role. Furthermore, with the migration of the gaming platform this April, we are working with the Income Access technical team to ensure absolute transparency and a smooth transition. We will ensure that the data integration is complete and correct before launch. Data integrity is of huge importance to us, and we assure you that all necessary measures are in place to ensure this type of mistake will never happen again.

    We would like to extend our deepest apology for the inconvenience this has caused you. This is a difficult situation and we hope to get past it with your support and understanding.

    Best regards,



    Unfortunately, as stated in the email you received, during Amaya’s complete audit of processes, procedures etc this commission calculation error was discovered. All affiliates affected have now been communicated to and the team are currently arranging calls to go over the individual reports that were also included in the email indicating where the issue lies if requested by the affiliate.

    We aim to be as transparent as possible with regards to this situation and please accept our most sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    If you or any other affiliate (affected or not) would like to speak to us about this or any thing else please contact me on


    Katy Stafford
    Head of Affiliates


    InterPartners are one of the best and honest companies in industry, they would never cheat, but noone has immune from mistakes.


    Any casino would be nuts to cheat, and with sites like they will end up losing more money from bad reviews. That is not to say the casino operators won’t still cheat. The site I mentioned is more geared towards players that are refused payouts.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)