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If your Non-UK stay clear of Victor Chandler Affiliate Program

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    I signed up quite a few months back for the VCPoker affiliate program. Everything with this program was going well until they decided to stop US based players.

    Anyways, it then took me months to get over 50GBP (their so-called min required payout.)

    Please note the following cut and paste from their own website:

    “We will continue to make all payments for invoices over £50 into your bank account. Please note that these payments can also be paid into your VC Bet Account. It may take more than one month for you to be owed over £50, so please just ‘transfer forward’ any payments less than £50 to the next month and we will pay them altogether once they total over £50.”

    After inquiring about this I received this response back:


    The total amount of your account (see screenshot) is below £100.

    We don’t process payments to non-UK bank account unless the amount is above £100.

    The alternative would be to pay to a VC player account. Do you have a player account?


    Geoffroy Dallennes
    Poker Affiliate Manager
    Victor Chandler International
    Office: +44 870 800 6034
    mobile: +44 788 999 5977
    Fax: +350 45636

    NO WHERE ON THEIR SITE DID THEY EVER STATE Non-UK based affiliates with Non-UK bank accounts need to be over 100 GBP !!!!!!!

    First of all I personally thought the 50 GBP min was very steep for a min (approx 100 USD.) Now to find out that they expect Non-UK affiliates to have a 100 GBP min (that’s right folks, approx 200 USD min payout) is just outright outrageous. NOT TO MENTION THEY NEGLECT TO STATE THIS ON THEIR SITE !!!!

    If your not from the UK with a UK bank account ..Better thiink twice before you sign up for a Victor Chandler Affiliate Program !!!!!


    Hi Poker CS,

    I understand your frustration at this. Being an affiliate based in the US, unfortunately your payment channels have become limited over the past 6 months.

    You are correct in stating that our site does not currently mention the £100 threshold for non-UK bank accounts. It seems that on rolling-back the FAQ pages on system to make the necessary amendments to clarify our position regarding US players, a previous change has been lost.

    We shall restore this as soon as possible.

    Frustrations regarding payment channels for US affiliates are more than understandable and VC Affiliates is currently exploring several avenues to open up new payment solutions. That said, our payment thresholds must remain, given the substantial bank charges we incur on making affiliate payments to overseas accounts.

    I am certain Geof is keen to build a successful partnership with you that will negate the issue of reaching thresholds.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Geof at or you can reach us for a chat on +350 51119.

    Kind regards,

    Tom Galanis

    Sportsbook & Casino Affiliate Manager

    Victor Chandler


    There are quite a few sites with a minimum payout of $200 these days. I’d stick with VC. I’ve used them for a while now and no problems thus far. When the minimum payout is hit, payment is quick and without any hassles.

    Also, if you’re marketing to UK based players, they are a known brand with a proven reputation which is a big plus when marketing in the UK.

    Doolally wrote:
    There are quite a few sites with a minimum payout of $200 these days.

    There ar eloads that require at least $500 for wire transfers. Other methods are often less, but wires are often high.


    I actually spoke to VC about this issue and the affiliate manager himself didn’t realize that their site never stated anything about Non-UK based affiliates requiring a higher payout.

    Actually, the problem has been solved… Boy !! you would think that they would update their site.. LOL according to their VCPoker affiliate page they still accept US Players.. LOL

    They did handle the issue rather professionally BTW. Let’s just hope they update their site so affiliates are actually informed :) as they should be.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)