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I have a very important question

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    I own a sports/casino affiliate program. Won’t disclose which one. Many of the users here currently promote my brands. I believe I did well so far.


    @darko 230875 wrote:

    Funny thread..8 years ago…interesting thing is at that point online pharmacy was getting a very harsh crackdown by US. Same as what is happening to gambling now. 8 years later there are still a few very reliable, very large pharmacy programs operating…odds are we will survive ;)

    That’s very inspiring to read, and cool to hear about the history of the Internet too.

    Can’t believe how old this thread is lol Back in 2004 I was 22 and working as a full time security guard :tounge2: Sounds like you’ve done really well since 2004 darko, congratulations :)


    Lol. You never know what destiny holds for you. Since I ranked once for “onlinecasino” and had only 4-5 sign ups and had a guy lose 3k and made 1k off it…I thought this is it..this is my future

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)