How to push conversionrates? Many signups but no depositors

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    Hello to eyeryone!

    I am totally new in the business, started with InternetMarketing about November 2007. I created some Winning Strategies Poker EBooks, promoting CasinoClub and Rushmore. When I see my statistics some strange things are going on, I cannot understand. I launched the ebooks about 4 weeks ago.

    My statistics say, that every day about new 150-250 people worldwide click my banners. I have banners for CasinoClub and Rushmore in it.

    The CasinoClub (AffiliateClub) statistics says, that every day I generate about 4 new signups. So there are about 40 signups alltogether the last month. The strange thing is, they does not deposit :Cry:. I have ony one deposit of 60$ from 40 total signups. Is that normal?

    Compared to CasinoClubs Rushmore is totally the other way round. There are only 8 signups in a month so far, but 2 of them depositing, one 60$, the other 300$.

    Any clue what is a normal rate depositors/signups.

    What can I do to get more depositors from my signups??



    Hi Mattias.

    The one thing that you’ll discover is that finding a “normal” statistic is a very hard thing in this business.

    However, if you are getting good quality traffic that are looking to deposit and play then you should expect to get somewhere between 20% to 40% of joining players depositing.

    However, if you are targetting FREE players with words like FREE spins, or NO DEPOSIT BONUS then I suggest that you’ll be lucky to turn 2% of these players into actual depositors.

    You haven’t provided your site URL (that I can see) so I can’t check – but I’m going to guess that the visitor traffic that you’re getting is not specifically targeting players who are ready to join a new casino.

    Or that one of the casino’s advertising is focusing on giving a good bonus WITH first deposit – while the other casinos banners are trying a free spins or some other trick?

    Hope that helps mate.


    I have no real website so far, but work with ebooks, people can download. It is more targeted for beginners who are not gambling so far.


    The problem with CasinoClub might be that they dont take US players.

    Are most of your visitors from the States?



    I get traffic from all over the world. About 40% is US traffic which is not converting quite well, although I promote Rushmore with the “ALL US PLAYERS WELCOME” Banner. Best converings are from UK so far.

    By the way: I’m German, but I think it is quite a dangerous business to promote “illegal” OnlineCasinos for US people. Got anyone here into troubles??? I even thought about the idea to get a nice letter from some US lawyer who wants to fuck my ass. I’m really not feeling good having this idea in mind ;-) In German it is illegal, too to promote Online Casinos from 01.01.2008 on.
    Any thoughts about this??? Of couse I register domains with private option, but this doesn’t help a lot, I think.

    Regards, Matthias



    German it is illegal, too to promote Online Casinos from 01.01.2008 on

    if I were just starting out and knew it was without doubt illegal to do it where I live……or as i understand even promote it where you are ….. then I’d think strongly about cutting my losses and looking elsewhere for a niche i could still be operating in after 8 or 9 year down the road.

    I’m still wondering if I’d not been smarter to get into another niche and built up my business slowly but stronger for the trouble.

    Instead I fell into this niche and just have a hard run finding time to do anything but address stuff this industry seems to conjur out of no where just about the time I think everything will be settled for a while.

    anyway in the case of those in the states as affs it comes down to a free speech issue which is why you haven’t seen any affs ever charged with anything. There are no precidents in regards to aff marketing in a niche such as this one on the web. So although unjustly persecuted in the land of the free as some may find themselves … I think I’d feel better running an aff site from inside the states than in Germany during current times.


    Hi Matthias,

    It is a common problem that banner clicks are hard to convert. I only sell the banners on our site as media buys because I simply don’t feel that we are getting paid for the branding effect that these banners have.

    I would suggest that you find 2-3 pokerrooms on different networks and create some review in your Ebook instead of banners. Get a customized bonus from these rooms as well.

    That should send your conversion rate through the roof compared to your current numbers.

    Kind regards,

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