How to push conversionrates? Many signups but no depositors

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    Hello to eyeryone!

    I am totally new in the business, started with InternetMarketing about November 2007. I created some Winning Strategies Poker EBooks, promoting CasinoClub and Rushmore. When I see my statistics some strange things are going on, I cannot understand. I launched the ebooks about 4 weeks ago.

    My statistics say, that every day about new 150-250 people worldwide click my banners. I have banners for CasinoClub and Rushmore in it.

    The CasinoClub (AffiliateClub) statistics says, that every day I generate about 4 new signups. So there are about 40 signups alltogether the last month. The strange thing is, they does not deposit :Cry:. I have ony one deposit of 60$ from 40 total signups. Is that normal?

    Compared to CasinoClubs Rushmore is totally the other way round. There are only 8 signups in a month so far, but 2 of them depositing, one 60$, the other 300$.

    Any clue what is a normal rate depositors/signups.

    What can I do to get more depositors from my signups??


    Pol Pitt

    I understand perfectly what you are saying and there are a lot of options that might effecting your earnings.
    First and most important for me, there are casinos that just dont convert well! I know that in your cases we are talking about something very un-normal because you mentioned that from 40 signups you made only one deposit! that is very strange my friend.
    If I were you, I would check the signup process to see maybe there are some things that can scare the potential players you brought. I heard about casinos that had a very strange way to signup players and it was effecting the conversion rate dramaticly.
    Try the whole process to see for sure that everything is going smoothly – I mean click the banner, download the client, deposit a certain amount and see how it goes.
    Hope I helped you my friend;-)


    Oh, I see that I have double posted the thread. Your idea is good, Sam. But I think CasinoClub has a pretty good reputation in this forum, and everything works very well with them, so I don’t want to suspect them :wink-wink !!!! I will see how things develop… Maybe I take out the links to CasinoClub (sorry Chris) for 2 weeks or so and see how converstions at the other casino develop. Anyone here who promotes CasinoClub (AffiliateClub).

    What is the normal time between Signup and Depositing?

    Regards, Matthias

    Pol Pitt

    Good morning! – depends where you are of course;-)
    Anyway, regarding the procedure time, I believe it should take about 2 minutes to download the client, than 5 more minutes to fill up your new account details and than depends your deposit method. In total, you shouldnt waste more than 5-8 minutes becasue it will start bother you…


    It takes time to convert people and often you may only get 5-10% of the guest players to deposit. If you’re offering free money(without a deposit), as some casinos are doing, you’ll find very few depositors.

    I’ve sent tons of players to party poker over the years and i’ve picked up depositors from campaigns as far out as 2 years after they first downloaded the software.

    Combine these two points and you may decide that the coversion rates you are seeing in the short term might be reasonable numbers.

    AmCan;151952 wrote:
    I’ve sent tons of players to party poker over the years and i’ve picked up depositors from campaigns as far out as 2 years after they first downloaded the software.

    This is one of the strange aspects of this business, from an operators point of view we often see strange wagering/depositing patterns from players. Obviously we would all prefer steady play creating a predictable revenue stream, but players often have breaks for months on end, deposit a year or two after signing up (like AmCan says), or play like a high-roller losing thousands one week, then bet 1c on slots the next.

    Makes it fun though :wink-wink


    LOL, quite unpredictable.

    It would be a good idea to collect the emailadresses to remind them to deposit, isn’t it? I will code some php so that will works…

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