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How to not be a banner farm? (and not get penalised)

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    As part of a supplementary strategy to boost traffic, i’ve decided to build a number of quite small websites to “mop up” some of the much less competitive keywords. Each site will be targeting one keyword which definately gets some traffic but is very uncompetitive (ie i think i could easily get on the 1st page). 1 site listed in google for 1 of my keywords (i’ve already bought the exact domain for that keyword), is a site about appartments in spain, which has a page of casino banners on it. That site is number 4 on the first page!

    The sites will be very small with a collection of banners, and a small review for each casino (maybe a paragraph). I’m not planning on putting too much content on (although after time i probably will). The details for each casino will have a link to my main site, which will give the “full review”. Hence, i plan to drive traffic to my main site through a collection of smaller sites, whilst i continue to add content and develop the main site.

    What do people think about this strategy?

    I don’t want the site to get penalised for being a banner farm (and hence penalise my main site).

    So how would i structure the site?

    If its a 1 page site, i guess it would be considered a banner farm. If i have a small review for each banner as small target=blank, would that suffice? Or do i really need to be working a bit harder on it as far as content is considered?

    Thanks as always for any help! :)



    “What do people think about this strategy?”

    Terrible idea. Not only is it pointless, you jeopardizing your main domain needlessly.

    You will eventually get penalized of course, but the way things are even in the shortrun you are in trouble these days.

    Small sites have big disadvantages. Large families of small sites are poison.


    Originally posted by Classics
    “What do people think about this strategy?”

    Terrible idea….. Large families of small sites are poison.

    Dont you all have many sites?

    Fair enough though. I know i have a lot to learn :) .

    So what part is terrible?

    How can i capitalise on that keyword with the new site. Should i concentrate on the new site too then and make sure that’s developed fully?

    And in answer to my question.
    If i designed the site so as not to be a pure banner farm, what would be wrong with using it,
    a) in its own merit
    b)to push traffic to my main site ???

    Sorry to go on a bit. I’m just trying to learn as much as possible.



    I’m unclear on what you are trying to do, but, while it can be effective sometimes, neither of the search engines like you splitting up your content on a bunch of microsites and drawing on a larger domain to fake the popularity of the smaller domain, or much worse, use smaller domains as “doorways” to a bigger domain.

    “Crosslinking” is natural and useful to a degree, but its a complete crap tactic that the engines punish harshly if taken to an extreme. If all you do is interlink a bunch of junky domains, then you risk little, but if you do have one key domain, interlinking it with a family that will likely get in trouble will get the main domain in trouble.

    More to the point, making separate domains is worthless. Search engines rank pages. Make a new page on your main domain. That way you can always have your exact keyword in the url, like or whatever.

    If you have a handful of really great keyword domains, then fine, having several things is fine. Having dozens of one page sites is either suicide, or doomed since you can’t generate any link power without interlinking.

    Disclaimer: I hate trashy little bits of nothing. Make better sites and make more money.


    Thanks you Classics for the honest reply. I’ll take all of that advice on board. :)

    I’ll have a bit of a re-think. It’s hard sometimes when you’re learning so much new stuff in such a short time.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)