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    Competition is stiff in this industry, and many affiliates get stuck at some point and find it hard to increase income.

    Here are some tips, feel free to add more. CAP rocks, let’s have the income of all CAP members rock too!

    1. Read Cap, read PAP if you’re in Poker, read Casinomeister for player’s opinions and input. There is a wealth of information out there. Don’t believe everything you read, you be the judge. Read everything you can and seperate fact from opinion before picking things to base your own decicions on. After a while it becomes fairly easy to seperate hype from fact and the solid information you gain is invaluable.

    2. Be unique. As player, what would you like to know most before you played at a new casino? Provide that information, and do it in a way that makes everything easy to find. Find your own slant. Yes there are thousands of sites, but really, most of them are all the same and will never amount to much. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!

    3. Decide what type player will like your idea. Is it young men? Older women? Low rollers? High Rollers? Which are their favorite games? Their favorite colors? Which type comp do they like? Target your site!

    4. Got your plan for a unique site? Take the time to go through lots of affiliate porograms and see who offers the type of promos you think your audience will like. Contact the affiliate managers and see who will help you make it work. Be thorough when picking programs!

    5. If you can swing it at all, attend conferences. You can’t put a price on the information gleaned, contacts made, relationships established and energy and vigor gained from them. Forget all the parties and such that you keep reading about, you can attend them and form relationships and have some fun, but the real benefit comes from the many little talks throughout the day. Take time to listen to everyone who wants to talk. Take some notes when you get back to your room. Follow up on ideas when you get home. Conferences, to me, have been the single largest business booster in this industry. Build relationships!

    These are my tips on how to build a solid business in this market. What are yours?


    Good post Dom:hattip:

    I do actually believe the parties are great for business as people let their guard down a little and you can establish relationships that way.

    Then what follows is down to the people involved.

    I do agree that conferences are the best way to generate new business and to increase your income (as an operator or affiliate).


    Good advice, and I think #3 is especially valuable – a quick search of recent studies will provide detailed stats on which demographics convert with which games, however I’m not sure how many affiliates fully optimize their player targeting.

    As for conferences, I’m attending my first CAP Euro in a few weeks and am so excited to finally experience it all firsthand :D


    Becoming a player shows in your writing you can always tell the affiliates who don’t play by the style of their writing

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)