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How to get One way Link From YouTube

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    If you want to know, how to get one way link from youtube Video page
    and any other webpage on the internet. then you can buy this Report.

    It will show you how exactly you can get backlink from youtube Video Page and get thousand of hits from Youtube.

    It Will show you step by step & basically Zero risk here.

    You can buy this report only for $5

    if you are interested pm me. Thanks


    hi are you talking about linking to a youtube video and sending enough click-throughs to make the top 5 in links? as far as I know those links are no-followed and I rarely get any traffic from them at all…. maybe you are talking about something else?


    Well, yup you are right link will be ” No follow”
    but if you get 50 K view for your video, im sure you will get 15 to 17% targeted traffic from this. it helps only for traffic. thanks


    take that crap to digital point.


    I do not see any real advantage in this as from Search Engines Point of View!


    Dude $5! for your skunkworks? bah! I would give $5 worth of info away just to be nice.. Hell I think I have given away better info than that and was worth a lot more. I remember being at the bar sipping on a drink and telling a heating and air guy to link link link link link and he would get great traffic in no time.. I think that info was worth thousands and we all share it for free everyday.
    Now I could see if you had like 3 or 5 other ways to get traffic then it would be worth the money to spend. In that case I would give one away to sell the rest but thats just me.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)