how many newbs survive the first 6 months?

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    it looks to me there are lots of people entering the gambling affiliate business every day. How many people actually survive the first 6 months and go on to success?? Proportion wise..

    what factors do you think separate the ones who succeed from the ones that don’t?

    thanks in advance.


    I`d say at most 5% succeed somehow (and I`m being optimistic here). That`s because 90% of people that enter this or any other internet business only read, daydream and surf the net but never react and actually do something.

    Perseverance is the key.



    Most people believe that a web business is a get rich scheme and treat it as much. To exceed in this business and any business takes work, whether it’s a web business or a brick and mortar business. All of us that exceed have put many hours, days and years into our websites. We listen to the people that have made it, we look at their ideas and we test, test, test to see what works. We read, think of what catches our interest, colors, marketing, asking others for their opinion. Your website will change and mature. For every change you make it will take at least a month to see the results and analysis them. But if you are serious about making money, this is the right business.


    Those are some great points. My advise is to not expect to make any ‘real’ money during the first year. It’s not an easy job and it requires many hours of hard work where you have to wear different hats, but is well worth the effort.


    when i started I hoped to some day make $6,000 a year, so I had no high hopes, nor did I have anu idea how to make a web page. 3 and half years later I know know (almost) how to make a website and my $6,000 a year dream came true once or twice. I guess what im saying is it would be a rough market if your looking to make a living off it right away as it takes a lot of time to build a base. Some sites do great some dont and i have no idea why still :)


    If you can’t survive 6 months, you’ve got no chance. And if you think 6 months is significant, you’re in for a shock!

    18 – 24 months (to make any real progress) is what I was told when I started. I’m only just past half way and still learning things.

    This is a long haul, but that’s a good thing as it ensures that those just looking for quick profit and with no real interest in the industry will fall by the wayside.

    You’ll need persistence and a lot of faith to stay in this business – but it’ll be worth it in the end. I hope.


    I’m celebrating my first anniversary in February. Things have gone just about as I expected for the first year. I spent the first few months making every mistake imaginable, lol.
    Making money? Nope!
    Having fun? Yes!!
    I don’t really expect to earn a profit in 08 either. But, I will continue building and learning and eventually find the perfect formula.
    Considering that a year ago, I never knew anything about website building, seo, html, java, etc… or the affiliate business, I’m very pleased with my progress.


    in a funny way im quite pleased with the answers. Nothing easy won is ever worth it. I’ve committed longer periods for more trivial promotions before. So to the grind it is :)


    Ive survived 6 months no problem……thanks other job!


    when starting i would have to say that it is best to have a second job to support your hobby that eventually can become you steady income flow. I have been in it for long but just recently things are looking up and i have no second job but instead a second online bsiness with steady income :)

    Best of luck to all new affiliate, its true most are not ready for countless hours. I can spend 10hours behind the computer and miss meals! :)


    Not many must get past the 6 months mark because website development can be very frustrating. Aside from a select few, most if not all see no significant money for a long time so you feel like you’re working for free, you get no reward for your work.

    All in all though, no other business can earn such an insane cash/hour worked income while having 10$/month investment. For example, on one website I only earn 300$/month. But I worked 50 hours total on that website so when you think about it, each month that website earns me 6$/hour (on top of other websites). Better than working at Walmart.

    Anyway, the best idea is to work part-time, earning enough to pay the rent, and focus the rest of your time on coding.


    This is not a get rich quick scheme, and a lot of people simply drop out before they ever see the fruit of their labor.

    People seem to have the notion that you don’t need to work to make money in this business. They see descriptions of parties and conferences and think that’s all we do.

    Affiliate programs feature huge comission amounts on their front page and people think they can take a week and slap up a banner farm and rake it in.

    It’s a lot of hard work that pays off here, developing your own ideas is what the internet is all about. Thats no different in this business. If you just make a facsimile of someone else’s ideas and hope to make a bundle with it, it’s not going to work for you.

    It took me over a year to make any money worth mentioning. And when I did make money, I plowed it all back into the business. 5 or 6 years later, I still plow a lot of my income back into the business.


    In addition to the points as mentioned in the previous posts, new affiliates also need to learn who to advertise for and what programs to cooperate with.
    Players want unique information and services in order for them to come back to a certain site.
    Unfortunately there are still tons of affiliates supporting the worst operators imaginable. Not only does this get themselves in trouble as soon as the first payments do not get honored by foul companies, but players will run away too. Any affiliate needs to understand that he/ she also has a big responsibility towards their visitors.

    After all there is much more behind it than many people would ever expect.


    The biggest mistakes new people make is to think they can put up a website and their job is done.If you think your website is completed and you dont have to work on it again you wont last long. My 16 month old website has gone through 4 complete remodels .The more i earn ,the more i spend on my business. I spend about 75% back into my business right now ,my goal is to retire in 2010 at the age of 43 and work full time on my casino business.Even with all the legal loop holes we have had to jump through I still think those of us that hang tough will do alright in the end.
    Never copy anyone elses idea ,try to find your own style and you will do great.


    When I tried to start with the affiliate business many years ago I wasn’t really successful – well it wasnt really necessary because I had a good job. Neither I knew lots of things regarding programming a website nor i knew something about webmarketing and SEO although I had experience with the internet since 1994. After there were some problems with my former work I decided to go deeper into the webbusiness with the idea of making money with my domain names. Over the years I collected several domains of various business segments. I worked for betting companies before so I have a good experience in the gambling business.
    About 2 years ago I started with several very simple sites, and it took me some time to understand that there is a real need for content and other important things. After some “experiments” I saw a significant success after about 6 months and it was time to ask for professional advise and the help of a marketing specialist to get better results.
    In general I would say that it is very important to know at least some basics of the business someone is promoting. Without any experience it’s very difficult to be successful.

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