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How do you bring in the players?

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    Apart from building a great search engine optemised site with great casino content and reputable casinos do you use any other ways to bring in players such as “poker babes pics””prizes””youtube videos how 2 play” etc if you do which ones work for you? I see many sites have pics of poker babes to try and bring in players and due to the amount of female players sites such as gambling girl have “hunks” on there to does this work? If you are a female player do pics of hunks bring you back to the site? If you are a male player do pics of poker babes bring you back to the site?


    i did give you some advice on what to change on your website to be picked up by Google, but sofar i didnt see any changes….


    The security certificate problem was corrected and I spoke to my seo about the other changes you reccomended and he decided to keep the site as it is. He believed that the way it is running at the moment is fine. I took your points on board and I value your opinion but was instructed by my seo to keep the site as is.


    ok, ok,
    it’s your decision….
    but i feel sorry for you..

    it is realy basic SEO knowledge, what is missing on your site.
    No offend, i hope you understand…
    but you cannot have all pages with the same title and description for instance…
    (among other things)

    just wanted to help you

    maybe read some basics about it yourself, so at least you can judge a bit what your seo is doing


    I don’t mean to be rude, but i will be blunt:

    I have no idea what advice elgoog, gave, but fire your current SEO advisor. I’m sure Elgoog knows something about this business, which i don’t think your guy does.

    You seem to be trying to compete for “online casino” with a site that has a 0 PR? and it’s not very well optimized for “online casino”.

    for a new site, you want to identify a 1, 2 or 5 (depends on SEO religion) smaller terms that you might have a chance in hell of ranking for.

    Even David had a slingshot, before he took on Goliath.

    I’m sorry if i sound pissy, i’m still waiting for my suitcase to get back from CAP. Apparently it felt like staying in Ft. Lauderdale for some fun. All my scrub shirts are in there.


    Well i can give you 3 reasons why you may not be getting players .

    1. that security certificate keeps popping up , its annoying and after the 2nd time most people will click off your site .
    2. your tila casino banner the big sitewide one is not linked to anything
    3. put a different title on each page , it helps your se rankings


    Yes I completely understand. I am taking your advice seriously. I will be having words with my seo tonight.


    I hope it helps, there is nothing more fun then making a change and seeing it pay off.

    good luck.


    Having the same title and description tags on your pages will throw your site into google’s supplemental index very quickly.

    As for the girls attracting players, I’m not too sure about that. Is that why you have the tila banner on there? I tried that. It was my lowest clicked banner ever. I don’t know why though. Maybe because its a new casino and they haven’t really proved themselves yet. I had other banners rotating in the same spot. Some of them getting over 10% click through. The tila banner got less than 1% click through.


    yes, fire your seo, coz he knows nothing about it – as someone said earlier, your site is making even the very basic seo errors.

    main points,

    i still get the securtiy issue
    each page should have a unique title and meta description
    your current title is crap anyways as there no real keywords in there apart from “online casino” which you will never rank high for.
    your H1 tag title on homepage is crap – this should contain your targeted keywords


    That tila banner is coming down I was aware of that, thanks for the advice guys.


    I just took a quick look at your site and can tell you why your SEO guy said the title and descriptions were ok. You’re using one header for the whole site and changing that will take some work.

    My advice it to place all the content pages in a database with their own unique title and description and have the header call the database for that info when it calls for the page.

    Also target some less competitive keywords.

    And get rid of that security cert. It’s annoying.

    Other than that you have a beautiful, well laid out site. A little work and you’ll begin to get more traffic.


    Hi Rob,

    I’ve been writing content for you. therefore I want/need you to do well.

    elgoog knows his shit. listen to him. Now I have no room to talk. most my pages also have same title/description and I’ve never gotten free traffic.

    take the hint buddy. your SEO guy must not know any more …. maybe less than myself. at least I am smart enough to listen to the pros that are long time vets in what is likely the toughest, most competitive industry.

    I think you’re a great guy. but I’m certainly not motivated to writing more content for someone who’s not going to do any better than I.

    sounds like your SEOer is a much better salesman than SEOer. you’re in control of your stats. what do they tell you? if you’re not getting traffic …… well let me give an example.

    I’ve teamed up with two SEOers and in a month’s time we’ve gotten 9 signups though admittedly no real players. still a promising start in such a short time.

    if you’re spending money paying this obvious idiot ….. spend it somewhere else. These guys nice enough to give input ….. aren’t bullshitting you to cut down on competition.

    I should listen to them and should have years ago but I’ve found other ways to get the job done that I have concentrated on … and for me ….. its been rewarding and more able for me to understand than all this SEO BS. I keep thinking the SEs will catch up with logical, sensible thinking and do away with their backlink, meta tag BS and learn to judge new content,…… the quality of it ….. etc than they put towards what i consider idiotic approaches.

    it hasn’t worked. they still stick to their algors that I personally don’t see any sense in … when compared to just looking for pages with

    main keyword in the search
    similar keywords or those that would make sense being in the same paragraphs
    and new content to give the reader the most up to date info.

    links, backlinks …. anything that can be bought ….. should go out the window.

    but after 7 yrs …. I’ve given up on sensible approaches. the rocket scientists in charge of these things as usual …… over look the most simple ….. yet IMHO most important parts of the situation in attempt to be rocket scientists instead of admitting that it isn’t rocket science.

    anyway ….. enough ranting. results are possible in 2 months time or less. I’ve now seen that fact for myself. take this into consideration and act accordingly instead of listening to the guy making money off you instead of those who are nice enough to spend their time evaluating your situation …. for free!

    I can write. I probably could learn SEO but frankly have no interest in it because it isn’t logical to me. same reason I smoke pot when it’s illegal and got me in trouble. I see it as no moral reason for being banned. NOBODY has ever had the inclination to shoot, or hurt someone after smoking. Hell I think it should be distributed amongst the prison population to cut down on violence but that’s how backwards I think and why I’ll never be good at SEO.

    getting off track. anyway …… listen to these guys. they took time out to help. no charge. no hidden agenda for BS’s you.

    again, you’re a great guy. but if results aren’t being seen by now …… then time to listen to the advice of the yodas.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)