Highest CPA you have ever seen?

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    I was paid $350 for a non-us casino cpa deal from a certified partner this summer. I thought that was VERY high. Anyone ever get a larger one?

    What kind of volume did you have to post in order to get that rate?

    What were the minimum deposit requirements to get your high cpa?

    I am just curious, for industry research purposes. Your responses don’t need to include specific programs.




    £500 per player, as a media buyer.
    It was for ~100, in a short period of time.
    And they were profitable players too!

    The deposit filter I set was $200 within 30 days of first deposit.

    — that’s very very high though —

    I think $250 usd is much more common, for $50 deposits.
    IT depends on a lot of thing really.


    Up to $400 USD per player. I dont do CPA though, so people who specialize in this type of acquisition may get higher rates.


    On the poker side a player would have to provide the poker site with an agreed amount of action points or “fpp’s” before they would release the CPA – protecting them from fraud. What steps would a casino take to cover their risk on a $400 CPA??



    I was offered $7500 last week to get a Cap vertified program 10 players. Revenue share is always best way to go if you have an establish website with traffic.


    Today I was offered a CPA deal of $250, but I don’t like cpa so I declined the deal and was offered the following for top exposure:

    1. 50% revenue share for first 2 months
    2. 30% revenue share for life (To be reviewed in January at the convention)
    3. One of the following monthly bonuses:
    a. $500 for 20 poker and casino players
    b. $1500 for 50 poker and casino players
    c. $$4000 for 100 poker and casino players
    4. Custom made banners, landing pages, etc.
    5. Monthly exclusive poker tournaments for you players
    6. $250 in sponsorship money – paid in December

    I could ask for more CPA and possibly get it, but I’d rather give top exposure to rev share or media buys.


    @casinobonusguy 147342 wrote:

    I was offered $7500 last week to get a Cap vertified program 10 players. Revenue share is always best way to go if you have an establish website with traffic.

    That’s a truly massive CPA rate for 10 players.
    Was it for GBP players, paying you in USD ?

    Pol Pitt

    I heard lots of CPA rates in my life but I never saw this ammount in the check…
    I know there some casinos that are paying $400 CPA for a $50 first deposit players but we are talking about “some” casinos and not all of them!
    Its very easy to promise $400 CPA for the first 20 players but the question is what happens than?


    we have offers up to about $1000 for casino players and up to $450 for poker traffic. The min deposit for the casino was around 100-150 and for poker $50 rake +-.

    For poker I tend to prefer these deals, for casino never :)




    Does anyone know of good CPA programs available the highest I have seen is 888s which offers $150. I no longer promote 888 and was wondering if theres any other trusted casinos offering higher or roughly the same for cpa.




    I have paid $400 CPA on Casino and $350 CPA on Poker – that only happened on 3 occasions though and they made the operator a profit.

    A think a high revenue share us much better :tongue:


    As a danish affiliate I am quite often offered quite high CPA agreements but i prefer rev share on both poker and casino.

    To me it seems that I could get arround €250-€300 quite easy for casino traffic and arround €200 for poker traffic. With a little pressure a $500 CPA for casino traffic seems possible.


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