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High Pulse Poker is Now Live on CAP!

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    Please join us in welcoming High Pulse Poker, our newest addition to CAP!

    High Pulse Poker is the first branch of High Pulse Gaming (HPG) which eventually will offer their customers many other games and gambling opportunities. HPG is not a skin or part of any network. They develop their own unique software and will continue to do so. The people behind HPG are very experienced poker players and have an intimate knowledge and strong opinions on what makes a poker site work. High Pulse Poker makes software from a player’s perspective.

    At High Pulse Poker, EVERYBODY receives the same lucrative rakeback & affiliate payouts AUTOMATICALLY once they create a regular account. Their integrated affiliate & rakeback system beats all other Signup Bonuses and loyalty programs out there – by far!
    • 50% Rakeback!
    • 25% Rake commission off affiliates!
    • UNLIMITED sub affiliate levels!
    • No signups or applications needed in order to join. Everyone is an affiliate as soon as they sign up!

    Feel free to check out the program or write a review. To get more details on High Pulse Poker’s Affiliate Program click here or Join Now!


    Is there an affiliate manager for them on the forums here?


    @GGEwolf 234464 wrote:

    Is there an affiliate manager for them on the forums here?

    Yes I am right here! How can I help you?

    Happy New Year!


    I Love the software here, reminds me of full tilt, recently qualified for the pro contract sattelite for a couple of euro.
    Would gladly promote you guys, unfortunately I don’t do much work in the poker industry.


    Dear Deanimus,

    Thank you for your nice words! You can promote BetPoker, which is a Casino game. We are taking 2% to the house, and you receive affiliate money with all bets, winning or losing does not matter! Your players receive receive up to 50% rakeback as well for all bets. Its a very successful new game

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)