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Having little trouble getting payed by the affiliator

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    I’m having a little bit trouble getting payed by one of my affiliates
    the thing is that we have a misunderstanding about our contract

    what should I do in this cases???


    With so little explanation it’s very hard to offer advice.

    However, be aware that the balance of power in the relationship lies heavily with the program – it’s the money that talks loudest as is almost always the csae.

    If there is a “misunderstanding” in the contract – then it will be the programs view that almost certainly determines what will be paid to you.


    Well, I don’t want to expose the affilliator,
    The Misunderstanding that I’m talking about is that we agreed on 50% commission, But after a period they told me that they are changing the company policy and now they pay only 30% – 40% (depends on the aggrement)

    So now I have to make a new contract.

    I agreed to this contact But I still want to get the 50% commission for the last month and 40% starting now, isn’t that fair enough??
    The company started the new policy of 40% starting the last month
    and that is what I’m talking about

    Please advise…
    should I make a scene to get my money? OR should I leave this affiliator and get a new one?


    Seriously – it’s still not enough detail to provide you with advice.

    Are they performing well for your site?
    Are you seeing good returns?
    Are you having any other problems with them?

    But I would say that if you don’t think that it was a “misunderstanding” – that they simply will not honour an agreed term – then you will have to consider whether you trust them to stick to this contract.

    However, a 50% deal is unusual and a 30%-40% rate is more normal.

    Without naming the company – and without discussing in detail – then you’re really asking an unanswerable question.


    If the deal is 50% (yes, unusual, was it perhaps an introductory offer for new affiliates?) then they have to pay that. A contract is a contract.

    Many programs do give new affiliates a high percentage for a month or so, and if that was the case then it is normal for them to go to the mormal pay once the initial time period is up.


    So what affiliates do you recommend me?
    and how can I make sure this will not happened again…?
    Is there any law that enforce things like that?

    BTW – maybe dominique is right, perhaps 50% commission was just a start, unfortunately they forgot to mention it :-)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)