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have an idea for you.

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    I have an idea for one of your video shoots.

    if i understand correctly its legal to place online horse racing bets and lottery online in some states ? (which is online gambling)

    and its goes a little something like this……

    how about you video yourself placing a bet on the horse’s which is legal and say hey…… hmmmm well i just gambled online which is endorsed and allowed by the state / usa – isnt that the opposite of what the fbi said and the US government that online gambling is illegal etc….

    then maybe call the fbi again and say, errr i just gambled online – yeah err it was a horse racing betting site and errr yer, i think its run by our state too…. lol

    im not all clued up in the online lotteries / horse betting in the US – so let me know if ive got it wrong



    Hi ya…

    We’ve done some things similar to this… we did call the FBI and we did call up a horse betting site in Oregon and confirm that we could empty our bank accounts to them online and they (or the government) would not stop us.

    I do think that’s a great idea you have… and we are in fact working on something along those lines. It’s a big big project which may take several months to bring together, thou…

    Be patient :tongue:

    Thanks for the motivation, too :hattip:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)