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Good news for online gambling in Aussie-land

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    Gaming giants in offshore battle
    By Daniel Hoare
    June 25, 2004

    THE nation’s gaming giants are expected to lose their fight to prevent offshore internet gambling, with the Howard Government tipped to allow international competitors.

    The decision could revolutionise the industry by allowing offshore betting exchanges to become licensed in Australia.

    Gambling industry sources have told The Australian that John Howard is likely to announce the Government will not alter the Interactive Gambling Act.

    Punters are expected to flock to betting exchanges if they are given the go-ahead, because they generally offer higher odds than bookmakers and the TAB.

    The TABs, led by the NSW TAB, have run a vehement newspaper and television campaign against their offshore internet gambling rivals.


    Australia Rocks EOM

    The Australian that John Howard is likely to announce the Government will not alter the Interactive Gambling Act

    Is this gambling act the one explained here?,,0_1-2_10-3_481-4_106964,00.html

    I think these two are a contradition of each other. The H govournment is saying online gambling is a problem area in australia, but he’s allowing these “offshore betting exchanges” to become legal in australia.:confused:


    Speaking of whats legal and whats not.

    I’ve often been curious if as Australians where even allowd to promote online casinos?

    I’ve always taken the view that I’d keep any infrastructure (websites etc) offshore. I also make sure I don’t target Australians etc, I Dont’ do any offline advertising and online advertising is all international/generic.

    I havent actually ever really tried to find out either lol. Which might seem stupid but ignorance is bliss… :p


    I’m not a lawyer, but from my understanding Australian’s are allowed to promote online gambling AS LONG AS they do not target other Australians.

    And considering most gamblers are american/UK that doesn’t really affect too many australian promoters.


    Communications Minister Daryl Williams is expected to soon table a report on the Government’s review of the Interactive Gambling Act.

    THis act has prevented Aussies promoting Online Casinos to customers physically present in Australia. It doesnt prevent Aussies from gambling online with external offshore online casinos.

    Funny enough the Act allows sports books. From the Act:
    Online wagering

    “Online wagering is not prohibited by the IGA, except where wagers are accepted online after a sporting event has started. It is considered that real-time, ‘ball by ball’ betting-such as may be available via interactive television-could be highly addictive. Therefore, an online bet on a particular tennis match can be accepted during a tennis tournament but not after that particular match has started. Online bets during a match as to whether the next serve will be an ace are prohibited. Online wagering on a non-sporting event, before or after it has started, is exempt. Telephone betting via a standard voice call is exempt from the IGA”

    Lets hope this Act is dumped. The Australian market is huge.


    If you’re looking for a cure for insomnia then I suggest the 2 centimetre thick legislation plus explanatory notes.

    Dahammer, if you want to read the legislation I’ll try and hunt out the link for you. Just let me know. I downloaded it when I was looking into a venture with a firm that couldn’t afford to take the risks that we do and relay on ‘just not targetting Australians’.


    Yeah, I wouldn’t bother, I read that sort of information and it usually just confuses me more :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)