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    Dear CAP affiliates,

    The following post is intended to explain the basics of Forex trading and how you, as a gaming affiliate, can combine your skills and our marketing tools in order to tap into this profitable market. Let us know if you have any questions at the end!

    What exactly is Forex?
    Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading involves the buying and selling of international currencies. Users make or lose money according to fluctuations in the prices of whichever currencies they decide to trade, with the value of one currency always being traded against the value of another. Non-stop financial news events from around the world (eg. inflation rate increases/decreases, unemployment figures, market sentiment announcements) dictate currency market movements.

    The forex market is fast moving and exciting, with relatively high risks but great potential for profit. It is the largest traded market in the world, with a mind blowing sum of more than US$3 trillion exchanging hands every day. In addition to currencies, FOREXYARD offers its clients the ability to trade commodities such as Crude Oil and Gold, which have themselves become niche markets…ones which have been almost entirely overlooked by most forex affiliates to date. Hint :wink-wink

    What about the current financial crisis?
    The international financial crisis of the past months has led many people to look for new markets in which to invest and many are turning to forex as a result. Why? Because regardless of what is happening in all other markets and areas of the economy, currencies will always rise and fall in value relative to each other. This means that in any given trade, a person has an equal chance to profit or lose. Investors have just a good a chance to profit from forex today as they did before the crisis began, and our affiliates have seen increases in traffic and conversions as a result. With this in mind, now is a great time to start promoting forex.

    Forex Marketing Tools
    Attracting the right traffic is of course essential in order to convert successfully, regardless of which methods you use. SEO specialists will find that compared to gaming, there is much less competition in the forex industry. Affiliates preferring PPC and CPM campaigns can take advantage of new avenues, due to the fact that it is legal to advertise forex on all advertising networks, including Adwords (restrictions apply; please contact the FOREXYARD Affiliate Manager for details).

    FOREXYARD offers affiliates effective forex marketing tools, not only promoting and increasing our brand awareness, but also delivering the latest relevant market updates, which traders rely upon. It is also well worth looking around at other forex affiliate sites to get an idea of the different types of content out there. In general we do not provide original/unique content on demand for individual affiliates, however we are flexible in certain cases.

    Sign up to our program and you will receive the following:

    Daily Market Analysis reports

    Professionally written market analysis covering the most popular currencies and important financial events. Delivered daily via XML/RSS/email, in English,
    German, Spanish, Finnish, Arabic.

    FOREXYARD Economic calendar

    Provide your visitors with details of all the major international financial events likely to have an effect on the market. Available in iframe format.

    Quotes & Trend Charts

    Display the latest currency prices and trend charts, updated in real-time as the market moves.

    Trading Software Presentation

    Familiarize your visitors with our trading platform and generate more leads with the help of our slick guided tour.

    Interactive Banners
    Target niche audiences in numerous languages: new & experienced traders, unhappy Stock market traders, Gold & Oil speculators.

    Offer your visitors a 100% deposit cashback worth up to $300, with the use of dedicated banners and landing pages. Bigger depositing clients can receive up to $1,000 cashback!

    If you have any questions about our Forex Affiliate Program or the forex industry in general, please be sure to
    contact me directly or visit our program site for more information.

    Bye for now,

    Hugh Gordon
    Affiliate Manager


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