FYI, Jackpotjoy progressive jackpot plays do not count towards earnings

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    i have been promoting jackpotjoy for a while and recently came across an interesting discovery – progressive jackpot games do not count towards affiliate earnings.

    this is not a rant against income access nor jackpotjoy. I actually like people who work there and they have always been responsive and helpful! the fact of the matter is that i did not read the t&c which state that progressive jackpot games do not count towards earnings:

    ““Casino Net Win” means player wagering minus player winnings (including accrued progressive jackpot)”

    Full t&c can be found here

    so fair enough, affiliates do not get paid on progressive jackpot plays (or am I reading this wrong?)

    what puzzles me is progressive jackpot advertisements through affiliate banners. why exactly is jackpotjoy pushing for advertisement of their progressive jackpots through affiliates if affiliates are not being paid a cent on it?

    which brings me to my mistake, i was advertising deal or no deal, bullion bonanza, etc under the belief that i’ld be getting paid for this traffic…but i guess not…go figure…:sarcasm:


    Thanks for your comments and kind words, splinterfree.

    Did you receive our email explaining that you DO indeed earn commissions on progressive slots?

    If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch anytime.

    Thanks much, :)


    This is actually a GOOD thing…

    What happens is that all play on progressive games is included in your commissions – no problems… but if a player that you have sent actually wins one of these big jackpots, this is entirely seperate to your commissions and you won’t even know about it – so no negative for you.

    You want to hope this happens, because then the player will have a crap load of cash that they will most likely dump back to Jackpotjoy and you’ll see some nice earnings from this.




    so far i’m still investigating on how it is included. waiting for james to reply…will post my final comments after i get this explained through numbers.

    as for it being “a good thing”, that’s just what the affiliate managers tell you to make you feel better…aka marketing ploy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)