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full tilt. you have cost me so much money with you poor servers I’m sick

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    I wrote about this recently.

    now I’ve had several situations happen the same again.

    I’ve had it! I’d cash out but their cashout situation doesn’t merit the trouble its worth to cash out even the $500 I’m up.

    I like playing there. I find bigger stakes games. but the server problems of getting disconnected has cost me more than i’m probably ahead.

    ft. you suck. get it together and spend the damn money it takes to run a competent poker room.

    the time is coming and very near where i’ll go thru the process of cashing out simply because of the fact you’re costing me more than my own bad luck and bad play.

    I wouldn’t currently recommend you to anybody.

    get it together if you want to be a contender!


    lost enough due to your incompetence.


    done enough homework to know its them and not me.


    I used to have same problem at pacific poker (back when US players could play)….nothing is worse that playing at higher stakes and getting disconneted after putting a couple hundred into a pot while holding the practical nuts..I cursed support out one time and said it was rigged, I was soooo mad.

    When your dealing with money, this should never happen…unless the player is using dial-up out of Afganistan or something. I feel your pain bb1

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)