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    hey everyone
    i just wanted to let all know
    i can login from here
    and Sometimes i can see my quick stats
    but no other reports.

    Maybe this help some affiliates,
    at least good to see sometimes any stats

    I really wonder when this page is done


    Interesting….I was able to see my totals report for November…

    One thing I notice was that the traffic numbers are gone…

    I certainly hope that Grand Prive does not think removing click stats is the right thing to do….as this will convince me to reduce their exposure immediately….



    I have been in and out of stats a few times now since seeing this thread. (Thanks Bonus Paradise)

    The first time I logged in I did not get quick stats, but I was able to see the totals report. It appears they dropped the total clicks from that report, but it is contained within the Brand Report.

    I found that the reports run much faster and as far as accuracy, I think they must be getting close to being accurate as in my case they do appear to fit the trends I have been having with this group.

    Of all the reports I have run so far it does appear that they are not reporting the downloads ANYWHERE….this I think is a mistake that they should correct.

    By not showing us the downloads we have a very valuable piece of information missing that allows us to tweak our marketing efforts in ways to help us determine changes etc that are working or not working which can increase conversions.

    I know they keep saying they do not want to release the stats to us until they feel they are 100%, but I personally think they should reconsider this and let us at them….Fine if they feel they must give a disclaimer with it….but I feel better about not removing them today than I did yesterday prior to being able to log in and see SOMETHING!!

    I honestly do not think I would have kept them up for much longer without some progress in the stats reporting….and today now that I see they do in fact have stats there…they are worth keeping up….

    Just give us DOWNLOAD NUMBERS too….lol



    glad I could help a bit here
    I was just lucky that i had saved this link so in my favs
    wish you all a great weekend


    I saw zero on my report. is the stats back? or I made some mistake?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)