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    Can we change it to corrupt politicians destroying the republic as we can plainly see now its not just republicans but both parties destroying this once great place?


    Which republic are you writing about? :)


    Noted. Politicians in general have a way of messing things up. The title has been changed to reflect that its not just one party.


    Yeah, seems like the dumbass liberals who were running CAP finally got rid of the “right wings destroying the country” title off this forum. 1 year of Obama is worse than 8 years of Bush it seems.

    Like I said 6 months ago and last year, Obama was always a fraud and is one of the worst presidents ever. Not just that, but liberals and democrats in general are screwing up the country. Their “big government” and excessive spending is all part of the liberal agenda, including Obama’s countless “czars” that he has running everything.

    People here just don’t realize that the liberals and democratic view point just never works in the real world and history has shown this countless times.

    I had to say that sharply here at CAP. One issue I’ve had with CAP is it’s dumbass liberal viewpoint and anti-conservative political views. Like previously and specifically making this forum solely against the conservatives.


    I wish we could debate my posts with the Proff before the elections. I do believe 95% of the worst case stuff I mentioned are actually happening now.

    BOTH parties are out to screw the public. Period.


    We need fiscal conservative people from the new tea party movement, like Sarah Palin. Listening to her speech the other day made me think that she should be president right now, not obama.

    “Our service men and women are a force of goodness around the world. That is nothing that they should be apologizing about.” Sarah Palin said it perfectly. Who the hell does obama think he is that we should apologize for all the good our troops have done throughout the world.


    Some valid points, but if both parties keep attacking each other, we will just bounce back every 4 years from spending too much for opposite ideals.

    It would be really nice to have a US president that had run a business before. Someone that knew how to look at ROI on every dollar spent rather than just signing checks for incomprehensible amounts of money and hoping it worked.


    Be real nice if they read the constiturion, although seeing its only a few pages long they must not think much of it as they like 10K plus page bills these days. Amazing we founded the country on a few pieces of paper yet it takes a 70 pound stack of paper to pass a single bill.

    States should have all the powers, not the Fed. Period. And the Fed has no business in social programs or deciding whats right or safe for Americans. They were put in place to provide basic laws to protect people from other people, ie basic laws and an organized military. They were not put in place to decide what responsibilities we should follow. They will bankrupt us with the utopian ideals that are impossile to achive. Hell you cant even fail in this country anymore.

    The good old days colonies and goverment held lotteries to fund projects, nobody was forced to pay pet projects or real projects. Nobody was forced to work 14 hour days to support 15 families that refuse to work.

    Social security and medicare is a DISASTER. Everyone is expecting it to pay their old age days now so thats one more responsibility the goverment thought was best left to them.

    Thank god for Bush’s stupid spending, and Obama’s Ill make Bush look like a money saving hoarder spending spree as now the country is finally STARTING to wake the hell up.

    Soon we will be as broke and worthless as the UK if we keep this up, all we will have is new laws from China dictating how we will live.


    Its a bit unclear, are you a Democrat… :tongue:

    Unfortunately, as long as there are government hand outs, there will be people that find excuses to take advantage of them. Its a shame because the idea seems noble, and there are some people to use the system properly to get back on their feet, but there are others out there that are just leeches.


    well the old saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions makes a lot of sense

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)