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Fortune affiliate stat acting weird

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    Hi All

    Not to worry.
    We have had a few bugs on the website but these come with the territory and we’re on top of them.
    We’ll soon be passed this initial launch patch and back to the business of business in full force!
    We appreciate your patience with any bugs that you may have experienced during the first month and know it will be worth it for all of us.
    Please send any bugs to



    From an email today:

    Stats – MPA (Player purchases)

    We identified an error in the figures in this column, which has been corrected.
    Some of you will have noticed this figure drop over the last few days.
    This was a correction of the over-reported numbers.
    Purchases are not part of the calculation and will NOT affect your earnings in any way.

    Stats – TRPWA (Total players)

    This column has been updated to display Total Real Purchasing Wagering Accounts
    for the month only and not for all time.
    In other words the total column now represents the total in that month only.

    Personally, when my ‘MPA’ dropped by 84% on August 21st, my month revenue also dropped by 68%. It is of course possible that I had a big winner that day, who must have cashed out since he hasn’t lost any of it back. :-)

    My question to everyone else here is: Did your revenue drop the same day that so much MPA disappeared? If this happened to other affiliates, it sure sounds like earnings were affected despite the email quote.

    Also, this change to TRPWA behaved oddly for me as well, dropping once on the 21st, and again on the 24th.

    For most of this month, it looked like FA was finally going to perform like I’ll always thought they should on my sites. But after the stats changes, I’m back to the same ol’ same ol’.

    Any information appreciated, -Ken-

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)