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Fifth Third closed my bank account!

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    A few months back, I set up an account with 5/3 (Fifth Third) bank. I set up several accounts around town so that I could spread the wire transfers out among various banks so that if one account was closed on me, I’d still be okay.

    Well, yesterday my “Bodog” bank closed my account. I logged into the account today to see if the wire had arrived. Where the available balance is usually displayed, it says CLOSED 08/13/07.

    THAT’S JUST GREAT!!! :madat:

    Has this ever happened to anyone else? What happened after they closed the account? Were you contacted by the bank, or by any local authorities? Or did they just close it and leave you alone? :Cry:

    Any advice would be appreciated.


    You should likely call them and ask innocently what happened.

    If they question the bodog transfers, tell them you don’t gamble and you run an online advertising agency. They likely won’t reopen it, but should be relieved.

    If your other acciunts only get funds from one source, that is a problem too, it raises a flag. You need other deposits too.

    Go and open an account in Cyprus through Lou, or find another way to have a foreign account.


    Guys this is going to be an ongoing problem in the US. We are only now starting to see what will be a much large enforcement effort by the banks in the near future. I would recommend moving your affiliate banking offshore if you are a resident of the US, Canada or Israel.


    Thanks guys. :)

    I signed up for Affiliate Speedpay about 20 minutes ago. I’d like to have all of my wire payments sent there from now on, instead of to my U.S. based accounts.

    ASP seems like a good way to go about setting up an offshore account. It’s easier and less expensive than it would be if I tried doing it alone.

    Thanks for setting this up, Lou. :thumbsup:


    My pleasure. We had to have a stable, safe and regulated payment mechanism in place if any of us hope to survive in this business, so we went to work on the problem and ASP was the perfect fit.

    I just wish it was possible to launch a player payment solution too. The legal climate doesnt make that possible with any hopes of sustainability. If we just can hang on till we see a free America again then times will change back in our favor.


    @Engineer 134887 wrote:

    Thanks guys. :

    Thanks for setting this up, Lou. :thumbsup:

    Ditto Dave :hattip:

    Lou can you PM me the link
    I Googled it but not sure its your site.


    Here ya go Brad:


    (remove the xxx I added that because this is in the private areas)


    Thanks Lou


    Hi all (Lou)

    I don’t understand ……. I went thru the process and it says please send your application?

    I am afraid to click on the wrong link.

    can you explain?




    I signed up, just have to send the docs :)


    I signed up, BB1 the links just show the PDF application you need to print and send in with a copy of you prrof of addrress (password, Drivers license or one og 6 others)



    allfreechips explained it, but I’ll do it too, in a more verbose way. :tongue:

    Here’s what I did:

    I went to and filled out the application form. After I clicked “submit,” a link appeared that would allow me to generate an official-looking PDF version of the application form. (You can also see this link when you log in to your account — it’s all still there). Everything I filled out online was automatically filled in on the PDF document.

    I printed out the application (the PDF document). I signed it in two spots (there are two pages to sign and date).

    Then I made a copy of my drivers license. (When I signed up online, I chose my form of ID as “drivers license” (not passport or anything else) — so I need to send them in a copy of my drivers license to prove that the drivers license number I submitted really belongs to me.

    Then, I found a recent bank statement, and I made a copy. This is necessary for address verification. I whited out the account numbers before making the copy.

    All of these hoops are necessary because of “KYC” (Know Your Customer) laws. You’re opening a real offshore bank account here; it isn’t as “grey” as web wallets like EcoCard, NETeller, etc. This is an actual bank account with an offshore bank; hence the extra hoops. (Prof, correct me at any time if I’m wrong about this).

    This morning I mailed everything in an envelope to the Canadian address, since it is closest to me. The envelope included:

    1. The printed, signed application
    2. A copy of my drivers license
    3. A copy of a recent bank statement

    I put two 41c stamps on the envelope, because I wasn’t sure if one U.S. stamp would be good for the trip to Canada.

    Now I wait for ASP to verify my information and make my account fully functional. :)


    Damn Dave I was your shadow on every step you took lmaooo except I did it all yesterday :)

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)