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Experienced net markerter but . . .

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    just starting with the casino biz.

    I am not naive, but some friends are making thousands a month.
    But they could just be talking.

    Is anyone really making 4 or 5 figures a month? If so how long did it take you to get there?

    Anyone wanting to have an obedient student/affiliate, please contact me. I will do what it takes to make this business work. I have a spare server and am willing to create a network of casinos, if necessary. Yes, I want to run, but I will crawl first, with your suggestions and advise.

    I have a few bucks to spend, but I would like to use the free promotional outlets first.

    Thanks in advance.


    PS. If you want to contact me privately, please go ahead .


    Hello Profezor
    Yes, there are many people who earn a decent living marketing casinos online. It does take time (usually six months to a year to ramp up to a respectable income) and considerable effort. It also takes money. To effectively compete you must advertise and utilize paid placement and pay per click search engines. A word of caution though, 98% of the low end paid advertising promoted online is totally ineffective. So you must choose your media buys carefully. You must also immerse yourself in learning Search Engine Optimization and you must choose and develop domains wisely. You WILL NOT earn any real money using free sites or redirected domains. Since you have a server this should not be a huge issue.

    My best advice is to read everything you can here and on the various industry message boards. After three months of operating a portal you may apply for membership to GPWA (

    Heres the logical progression Learn – Apply – Optimize – Earn

    Good Luck


    Professor, thanks. Yes, I am in that immersion process right now. I am ready for paid promotion. In fact, while there is plenty of competition, my little research reveals that most of the people are using FREE promotion, while those that are earning real oney are buying their traffic.

    I have a domain biz, so I have plenty of them, but suprisingly only 3 casino domains. I wll start acquiring some. And you are right, server space is a non issue. I could have 50 casinos up with their own domain this weekend, if you said I should. ;-)

    With respect to which paid adverts to use: email, banners, popunders, any advise to begin with? I know the exact one will come as a result of trial and error but if you were to start knowing what you know now?

    I even have my own pay-per-click software that I can roll out to start my own program if necessary.

    Mold me.

    (Thanks for your time)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)