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    I am hoping someone on this forum has promoted them long enough and can comment.

    The properties are the same as from affiliated web but now being launched under the new affiliate program everest affiliates.

    I know the company has been online for many years and dont accept us players.

    I have began promoting them as I am focusig on one language other than english.

    I also feel that most their sites are not as modern as all the RTG and microgaming casino but i am not sure if that affects conversions.

    Anyhow, Is anyone promoting the properties… say everest casino or imperial casino to non english countries and if so how are conversions? How about player value? do they stick around?

    Thanks :)


    nowedays called eva or everest has its own thread here also.
    i am with them for 8 years now.
    not realy modern indeed but very trustable imo.
    they focus on everestpoker recently mainly
    i did build up a nice poker-player-base wich earns me a nice income
    i’ll stick to them for ever


    600 webmasters here and 0000 earnings :hattip:


    haha dont tell me that!

    Seriously i know they are not as popluar to promote as RTG and the rest. I mean the banners are so old my gosh BUT,

    Everest casino seems promissing to promote.

    Do note that this is for a non english site. Elgoog seems to have good results with them so that may be a good.

    I was told by affiliate manager that they will focus on Casinos this year as alot of focus was on the poker site last year.

    I think that is a good idea.

    well, hmm maybe ill find other sites in my target language soon :)

    wish mainstreet had multiple lanuages ! :)


    Hi everyone,

    I am the brand manager for EVA and I just wanted to say a quick hello and to try and address some of the concerns discussed below. Casinotime, can you tell me what your target language/market is? I would be happy to connect you with the appropriate affiliate manager on our end so they can get back to you regarding conversion, player value, etc.

    Also, you are correct, we will be spending a lot more time developing our casino (and modernizing it!) in 2008 along with poker. If you are interested in hearing more about our 2008 plans, please feel free to PM me or email me anytime at rliggero@everestaffiliates.com! Becky :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)