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EcoCard Trouble

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    Ok first off let me say up until this month EcoCard has been dynamite to work with, but I am now having a MAJOR problem with them.

    On the 15th of June I requested a withdraw of $6808.00. Everything appeared normal. Usually I would recieve my funds in about 6 days.
    I waited and waited and no money…. I went back to EcoCard and noticed that the transaction was still showing as NEW, so I emailed support last Thursday (June 21) and asked what the status of my withdraw was. They responded that they required documentation to verify my identity. I have been doing withdraws for months, but I figured ok if thats what they want fine. I sent them copies of my bank records and a copy of my Passport. They responded back that they recieved the docs via Fax and would take care of my account. That’s the last I have heard from them!!! No money….. Withdraw still shows as NEW in my EcoCard account and they are NOT responding to emails, faxes or phone messages!!!!

    I am VERY worried because:

    1. I need that damned money to pay overdue bills.
    2. July payments will start coming in soon and I dont want them disappearing into the EcoCard black hole where I seemingly cant withdraw them.
    3. I am not looking forward to contacting all the merchants paying me with EcoCard and trying to figure out an alternate payment method.

    This Sucks!!!!


    when they asked for mine i sent it via email and they processed my withdraw the same day i sent it..

    can you scan it to a pdf and send?


    I faxed it to them and they sent confirmation:

    Dear Louis Fabiano,

    We are writing with regard to your EcoCard account and are pleased to confirm that we have received the documentation that we recently requested and are currently reviewing them. Once this review is complete, we will let you know if we require any further documentation or, if the documentation provided is satisfactory, then your account will be reactivated.

    If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the EcoCard Security Team. Please make sure that you have your EcoCard username and account number available to quote on any correspondence or during any phone call.

    If we contact you or you contact us by telephone, please note that EcoCard staff will never ask you for your password.

    Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

    Best regards,

    EcoCard Security

    Voice mail: +44 (0) 870 763 0177

    Fax: +44 (0) 870 763 0188

    Working hours (Mon-Fri):

    GMT: 7 AM – 5 PM

    PST: 11 PM – 9 AM

    EST: 2 AM – 12 PM

    They are NOT responding to any further emails and I even faxed them a request for support and left them a phone message. Nothing!

    I am totally lost as to how to proceed.


    I won’t use eco except for some very small accounts and I use that money solely to test out new games. I never withdraw except back to casinos.

    Since neteller swallowed a bunch of money I don’t trust wallets.


    They processed mine the same day after I did a scan as well, seems a bit odd to me they are not responding, have you tried from a diff email addy maybe it is being blocked or something, I just did a transfer a few days ago and it my bank this am.


    very scary!

    good luck Prof on this as we all will be awaiting to hear how it works out for you.


    someone told me they read … somewhere that $5500 was max cashouts. might be the problem.

    just what i heard on the grapevine


    Nope. I had a $7000+ withdrawal processed from EcoCard with no problem a week or so ago.


    Hey Prof, did you get this sorted out with EcoCard?


    Yes, thanks. My money finally arrived late last night! :tongue:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)