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Ecocard and small business?

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    Is there anybody here with a business (US S-Corp or LLC) who has been successful convincing Ecocard to wire fund to a business account?

    It’s a dilema,

    Ecocard is pretty much the only option to get paid from most Microgaming programs. Now Ecocard only allows a personal account and the bank account that receives the wire transfer must match the name on the Ecocard Account. In other words I can’t have an Ecocard account in my personal name and then wire my affiliate earnings to my company name/account in the US. I asked them about it a few month ago and was told that they will only wire to my personal account.

    So how are you guys handling this??

    I’ve been wiring funds to a personal account and then I wrote a check out of that personal account to my business. Deposit the check to the business account and put it in the books as a re-imbursement to the company. My accountant is not very delighted about this, but it did work and it could easily be explained if there ever were any questions – so I thought!
    Well, now the bank told me they noticed the excessive amount of transactions and large amounts and they believe I’m using a personal account for business proposes which is prohibited and I need to stop this practice immediatly or they will close the account.

    So what now? How do I get paid from Referback, Wagershare, Roxy, G3, GSN to my business??


    I stongly recommend that you consult Chris Rusch. He has helped me get all of this sorted, and I would share but I am different in that I am not a US citizen. Besides he did all the legwork and I am not sure I could have gotten it into place so easily and quickly.

    He knows all the ins and outs of international banking and wherever you are, he can make it work for you, and legally, he is a tax and banking lawyer.

    He isn’t cheap but he isn’t expensive either and he can get it all set up for you and working in no time. And I’ll say it again, legally, not through things that will implicate you in money laundering, like most of the advice that goes around.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)