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Eco Wants My Life for Withdrawal

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    I really need to know urgently if anyone else has had EcoCard refusing a bank draft.

    Processed my first withdrawal Friday and yesterday received:

    You have recently requested a withdrawal from your EcoCard account. In
    accordance with our internal rules and policies, as well as anti-money
    laundering procedures, we need to confirm that EcoCard Holder is the holder
    of the bank account and the true beneficiary of the funds. So that we can
    process your withdrawal, we need to confirm your name, date of birth,
    residential address and bank details. To be able to confirm this
    information, we would like you to send us

    . A copy of your bank statement (displaying your name, address,
    bank details and dated within the last three months) to Please note we do not accept on line screenshots.

    We also need you to send one item from the list below:

    . A copy of your passport (the page displaying your photograph,
    date of birth and full passport number),

    . A copy of your national identity card displaying your photograph
    and full identity card number,

    . A copy of your photocard driving licence displaying your
    photograph, full driving licence number, date of birth and address.

    In order to make sure that we can deal with your account as quickly as
    possible please make sure that the documents you send us, whether by email
    or fax and including any photographic i.d., are clear and legible. If they
    are not this could cause a delay whilst we ask you to re-submit clearer

    Does anyone think this is phishing and not legit. I would be much happier if I had seen that email addy before. The thought of sending my stuff to an addy I’m not familiar with is giving me a nervous breakdown.

    Is this EcoCard’s deal with the US Govt to rat out affiliates or a new normal procedure?

    Somebody pacify my anxieties, please :)



    This is a normal procedure that they seem to do randomly.


    Yeap and once I supplied it they processed my cashout in days


    I went through the same thing with them and they were holding over $7000 of my money in withdraws at the time. Once I supplied the docs they did finally send my money and things have gone back to normal.


    I think it’s a crock of #$@ that they won’t accept screenshots of an online bank statement.

    I would say a pretty good percentage of people opt for “paperless” accounts, and can only view their statement online, without having to go to a branch and pay for it.


    You can print your online statement and scan it back into your puter to save that trip to the bank.


    The first time they did it to me was because of a large amount.


    After reading feedback here, I sent my stuff, and received a post from them saying that my withdrawal would be processed within 2-3 working days.

    I guess I’m not the only one who will wait for the other shoe to drop now that they have my info.

    They said it would be held in confidence but I’m guessing that’s until we know who puts the screws on.

    Professor, mine is almost as much as yours was and it’s enough of a risk waiting to see what various authorities will do…


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)