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Durex is looking for condom testers

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    Darn! Am I in the wrong line of work?



    That’s fantastic!
    Anything is better when it’s free… So glad I live in Oz for this one.
    Nice find mate.


    I knew I was in the wrong business forget being a casino affiliate a condom affiliate writing reviews of condoms now thats a good job lol


    They’ve been advertising their vibrating cock ring in Canada on during the Daily Show on comedy channel.

    Guess Durex is moving into some more….aggressive marketing.



    well that is …… something.

    Now my problem is finding someone who would be willing to test with me.



    I have a hilarious follow up on this…

    Being the crazy person I am, I decided to just enter into this for the sake of it…

    Last week I got 5 condoms in the mail. Hilarious.. But not as funny as a friends story… I have posted his email word for word – hope you laugh as much as I did… (BTW this guy has been spewed on, had aloe vera squirted in his eye, accidentally punched in the eye – all by the same friend of ours – everything always happens to him)…

    Anyone keen for an awkward story?

    Yesterday i got a phone call from my old flat mate Jade*. She told me that a big package had arrived for me in the post. There was no sender on the box. All she could tell me was the box was quite large, the suspense was killing her, and could she please open it. I told her she couldnt, and that i would get my Mum to come around to get it. So yesterday afternoon, mum calls me up telling me she has the package and do i want her to open it. I tell her yes.

    Betty*….. Do you remember some months back you sent an e-mail with a subject heading of “What the….?”. Inside the e-mail was a link to the Durex website to enter a competition to be a condom tester. Ring any bells?

    All you had to do was write a few paragraphs on why you think you would be the perfect condom tester. Well, i decided to give it a go. And guess what – i won.

    Anyways, back to the story…… So mum is opening up the package…… There is an awkward pause before she starts listing the contents-

    “Oh…..ahem. Okay….. You have one box of ribbed condoms…… one box of flavoured condoms….. one box of studded condoms…..for his and her pleasure…… ummmm, there are about 5 boxes of condoms all up”.
    At this stage i thought someone was playing a joke on me till she pulled a letter out of the box saying “Congratulations Mr. Muller! Your application has been successful to become a Durex condom tester!”.
    Mum started off pretty well i think. Clearly not wanting to embarrass me she spoke quite casually as if this were normal. That was until she delved further into the box and continued to list the items.
    “Okay, now i have a container in the shape of a penis which is filled with lube……”
    Mums voice was getting a little shakey at this stage.
    “Ummm, okay next is a penis ring……… and a vibrating butt plug”
    Mum couldnt hold it in any longer at this stage and burst into uncontrollable laughter.

    The thing that made it worse was the fact that when i got this phone call i was sitting on a bus of crowded people. Because of the shock of it all, i forgot other people could actually hear what i was saying. I quickly remembered they could when i blurted out the words “VIBRATING BUTT PLUG?!?!?” and 3/4 of the bus turned around and looked at me with disgusted looks on their faces…..

    I really wish i had of let Jade* open the package…..

    *Names have been changed



    now what was that addy he applied to? (for a friend of course!) :)


    Can’t remember but the comp is over now so.. if they do this again ill post it here.


    Like anything sex related… the problem is there’s 10 times more guys willing to test it than females.


    Renee, that was hilarious! :roflmao:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)