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Drive Failure

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    Besides being a reminder to back your computer up regularly :) – this is a message to all that it will be easier in the next couple of weeks to PM me at CAP or IM me than to get a hold of me any other way.

    I have no way to access emails at this point because my external drive (which contained my casino affiliating Virtual PC) is gone an the copy I am running with now is over 1 year old (all my passwords have changed since then).

    I guess this is the bad thing about using secure passwords – I can’t remember any of them.

    Anyway – I can be IM’d as well at:

    ICQ: 431-488-957

    That’s it for now :( Now I pay $1500 to recover the drive and hopefully it is not too damaged to recover.


    That sucks!

    I have a Maxtor Backup system (external drive) that mirrors my main hard drive once a week. Its inexpensive and does provide some peace of mind.


    Good idea. I have several backup methods, but since I use a virtual machine that is almost always online – I have to manually backup. Obviously I have not done a very good job at that :(


    Raid 1 … its soo cheap now and its real time mirroring.

    We never think of the issues a drive will cause us until after the fact is the sad aprt, but I strongly reccomend and data that is important be on a raid 1 array at the very least (2 drives as 1)


    Thanks for the warning going to back up now and check out some of your recommendations, sorry Andy for you troubles:Cry:


    I use roboform2go for my passwords – it stays on a key.

    That way they are not on my computer anyway. I back the key up periodically to a second one.

    Best system for passwords I have come across.


    The drive was not recoverable :(

    I think it will take me more than a month to get back to some semblence of normalcy. I am just gaining my site and emails back, but of course lst all emails from October of last year until present (this backup was apparently taken in October).

    I am currently re-downloading all the content from my sites and trying to add any emails to my system that I have forgotten… I may try to use another email client like The Bat since OE tends to have a problem with too many email accounts.

    ugh – anyway, that is the deal.

    Dominique – I tried that password program. I like the concept, but not sure it will work for me… I’ll keep trying it, though.


    What a pain!

    Reminds me of when I ended up throwing a computer out because it was so riddled with viruses it was rendered useless. Couldn’t be wiped, nothing.

    Once you get used to the way roboform2go works you will positively love it. It takes a little getting used to, especially if you have multiple logins on the same URL.

    That ends up being a plus though, anyone else trying to use it, even if they break the password(s) for roboform itself will have nothing but problems.

    Checking stats is a joy with it in place, zip right through everything.


    Mirroring is great. Also, I suggest image backup software such as Norton Ghost. Has saved my ass a few times.


    I have a NAS coming with RAID level 5. It will cover it.

    The main problem is the way I do things, though. I am not doing a simple laptop backup or anything like that… My data is all on USB (including the OS). That is where it becomes a little different for backup.

    So, I have to make sure that my Virtual Machine is NOT running when I backup the system to ensure files aren’t locked.. I almost never had my VM off either. I’ll have to figure out some sort of method to get that backed up properly. I don’t want to get screwed again!

    Thanks guys.


    possibly get a laptop or siomthing cheap to dupe usb drives, with raid 5 why are you running the OS off USB :) I assume so you can take it with you?


    The RAID 5 is a NAS, so it is also external.

    I am running off of a usb drive for many reasons.. I like to keep my internet ‘adventures’ away from my main machine for many reasons:

    1. Security (I can always turn off the network connection for the VM only and cleanse the OS),

    2. Snapshots (I can always revert the OS to a previous instance – so if something gets screwed up, it takes a minute to get back to normal),

    3. Portability (I can take it with me when I am on the road instead of taking 2 laptops)

    4. Speed (An external drive runs faster than the internal drive because it is not worrying about other I/O operations of the main OS)

    5. Privacy (I don’t have internet stuff on my work laptop)

    It’s a slick system (except if you don’t back up) :) I wouldn’t change for anything.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)