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does gambling banner effect google rating?

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    hi guys, im not too sure on this if you can help me out?

    I have a site which sells a few products, and wanted t add a gambling affiliate banner.

    I list my site on froogle (google base) and have good rankings in search engines which i dont wat to loose.

    The question ive got is will i get penalised by froogle or google search (or any other search engine) for having this banner on my site?

    Many thanks
    biscuit lover


    No biscuits it shouldnt be a problem at all. The only time you get dinged for out going links is when they are to a bad neghborhood site(s). Most reputable casinos, poker rooms and bingo dont have that identification. If they did none of us would rank in Google for any terms as we all basically link to gaming sites.


    ok super.

    thats what i like to hear.

    been round the forum a while, is great…very quick response their mate!

    hopefully become more active from now on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)