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    Lol, In – out – in and well out again, my link on DMOZ was removed but at least this time along with more than half the sites in the chats and forums section.


    DMOZ blows Goats. Always has, always will.


    If someone got a dmoz link 4 years ago or more it was gold. That link meant 300+ links from directories that used the dmoz database. Basically if you got in there you had it made and could rank for anything, if you were willing to do a little bit of SEO on the side. Especially if the link was anchored properly. But I don’t think many new directories use the dmoz database anymore, so while a dmoz link is good now, it’s not as important as it used to be.

    I had casinoranking in dmoz for less than 24 hours once. I made the mistake of contacting dmoz and reporting someone who had stole my website design and content who was also in the directory. I gave them proof of this. So whoever received that email replied to me saying he was taking both links off. I do think that if I had gotten that link to stick I would be dominating by now. But such is life.


    years ago i was the lottery editor for the lottery area. I did a good/fair job, my site was in there, but i also enter most of my competitors, based on the quality of our sites. Then some “gentlemen” from Quebec became an editor, destroyed the directory by clearly getting paid off for putting sites into the top section that belonged in various sub categories or outside of lottery entirely. I wrote him a few times, he never responded. I wrote the meta-editors and was told “work it out by yourselves”. So, i quit.

    within a few months, they must have tossed him out, since there was no longer an editor. I then volunteered to do the section and was told, that i should start with a smaller section and work my way up (after explaining i had done the section for a year or so before). Good Luck, if I was about to prove myself to these morons. dozens of sites in queue for review, but they want me to work my way up. Well i could find better things to do, like laundry or clipping my toenails, rather than waste my efforts on that crap.

    My conclusion, the vast majority of editors at dmoze are either:
    a) corrupt, as many of my friends who paid their way into sections told me


    b) zealots who hate any commercial site that is “good”, attractive, useful or effective.

    Lou – How dare you insult goats like that. I’m sure there are no goats willing to stoop soooo low as to allow a dmoz editor to blow him! ;)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)