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    During early November, I changed my payment method to “Wire Transfer” and completed all of the mandatory fields of the payment method form.

    On the 23rd of December, after enquiring about my wire payment, I received an email from Fortune Affiliates support that I was just paid via Neteller.

    I logged into my Neteller, but there was no payment, eventhough the payment history in my Fortune Affiliates account was showing the following information:
    Payment Date: 23 Dec 2007
    Payment Method: Neteller
    Reference Number: Ref Wire Payment

    On the 27th of December I enquired about my payment again and received an email from Fortune Affiliates support that I was paid via Wire Transfer on the 7th of December.

    Normally I don’t get too worked up about late payments, but this payment is for $11,067.39.

    First I was told that it was sent via Neteller on the 23rd of December, and then I was told that it was sent via wire transfer on the 7th of December. Which one is it, and why hasn’t it arrived yet? It doesn’t take over 3 weeks for a wire payment to arrive!

    Support has not offered to track down the whereabouts of my payment. They have only stated that the payment was sent. Yeah, that’s really helpful. Where am I meant to go from there?

    I receive wire payments from many sponsors without any problems, which is why I don’t understand why your wire payment is having such a hard time reaching my bank account.

    The fortune affiliates control panel reads:

    Have you checked your PAYMENT METHOD?

    We have received numerous payment rejections due to the fact that some payment methods cannot be used in certain countries.

    Please check that you use the payment method applicable to your country:
    Ecocard – Not for US or Israel
    NETeller – Not for US, Israel, Canada, Switzerland or Malta
    UseMyWallet – Only US and US Dollar
    Wire – If the payment method is in Euros, IBAN field must be entered.

    Please contact your Relationship Manager or support@fortuneaffiliates.com if you have any questions.

    Fortune Affiliates, if you know that certain affiliates are not able to receive payments via some of these payment methods, then perhaps you shouldn’t send them via some of these methods and then have the payments bounce back.

    I don’t think that Fortune Affiliates is shady, but I do think that they are very disorganized and their lack of support is a slap in the face to all of their affiliates and players.


    Do you know who your affiliate manager is? They should be the ones on top of this!


    I’ve sent him several emails, but he hasn’t responded. It’s funny how quickly they respond when you offer them more exposure. Anyway, I’ve asked support to send me a tracking number for the wire payment. Now I’m just waiting for their reply.


    Most places are closed over the holidays and won’t be back til Tuesday.


    I received the payment today via neteller. The error was made by the bank and not Fortune Affiliates as I had originally thought. I apologise to Fortune Affiliates and thank them for resolving this issue for me.


    Hi LandofOz;

    My apologies for no one getting back to you but unfortunately I was away on holiday and only got back into the office today.

    I am, however, very happy that it is now sorted out and thank you for clearing FA… :)

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us for anything else at all.


    Marvyn H

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)