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discouraging news about NETeller/feedback on click2pay wanted

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    I am a big fan of NETeller but I recieved this troubling reply from one of my testers.

    I’d love to assist you with testing (and I like your
    new email address lol) – website looks cool too!

    im not using Neteller anymore as none of my banks will
    transfer mney to them – so I’m using PayPal now.
    I’ll send you my info this weekend

    ? I’ve written him back to see what he means? I remember reading in here recently about someone else who claimed to be able to use PayPal to deposit, via the use of their toolbar, but when asked to speak further on the subject, there was no reply, so I thought maybe it wasn’t true, but now I get this letter.

    While its great if people are able to use paypal again, if even in a limited means; it is very troubling to see this news about neteller.

    I noticed that a new player has emerged recently called “click 2 pay”.

    any experiences with them?

    am I worrying about nothing, or has NETeller begun the decline into oblivion?

    If so, I need to find a new deposit method for my players. as is evident from my tester’s letter.


    im not using Neteller anymore as none of my banks will
    transfer mney to them – so I’m using PayPal now.
    I’ll send you my info this weekend

    Sounds like he is trying to deposit with a credit or debit card. Which have been coded for gambling.


    I have made transfers to the casino from my creditcard and from the casino to my NETeller.
    You guys can not do the same?


    Hey BB,

    I was the one that made a refernce to the paypal toolbar.
    I don’t transfer funds from Neteller to my bank though I never had a problem doing so I dont have a need to since I have a neteller debit card that essentially does the same thing.

    The PayPal toolbar worked at a number of casinos and in fact a number of credit cards will work aside from the paypal toolbar mastercard….ie: wired plastic, mymccard,

    I was able to succesfully purchase at Casino Grand Bay, Jupiter Club, Phoenician, Nostalgia, Bella Vegas, Fortune Lounge Casinos, Casino Blaster Casinos…. I dont remember whatelse.

    Maybe that person should change banks because I have had no problems….like I suggested earlier though there’s always as a great alternative….

    Hey…You have people play for you??? Man what a job! If anyone needs a hardcore gambler like myself just give me a hollar and I will come running like Scooby Doo to his Scooby Snacks LOL….I’m serious! :)



    CC in United States have virtually banned transactions to Casinos.

    I’ve had no trouble with my Canadian CC, but I can’t use my U.S. credit card.

    It’s probably because you are in Sweden that you haven’t had the same problem, Waz.


    Oh and my Click2Pay review:

    They are still new and young and highly unorganized. I had problems with a supposed EFT not clearing in the beginning of signing up with them and then it took three weeks and daily calls multiple emails before even getting somewhere with them. They dont seem to communicate well and theres a bad language barrier….plus their site is stuffed with alot of typos which in my opinion reflects badly on a company…….
    Microgaming loves them and indeed I was instantly fronted a certain amount of money via my star rating, I just don’t see the longetivity of that company being all that much because frankly they can;’t be maknig too much money not charging anything for all that they do, and I KNOW they are risking alot with the fact that they loan alot of cash


    Fergie I have 2 or 3 credit cards that I have had no problem with using at a large group of casinos. Don’t work at all of them but definately my favorites which is cool…….then again I have memberships and cards at just abot every financial processor/creditcard/payment company online and offline that works with casinos and gambling LOL


    You have people play for you???

    Hi Chips,

    Ideally I just toss some extra cash towards people that are already playing in return for knowing how much and where they have been playing but in this case I am trying out some new places and don’t care to wait to see if I can catch somebody that is already playing there; to find out if I’m being treated fairly.

    too much lost income could be a result of waiting.

    testing casinos for accurate tracking is IMHO paramount to being successful in this business.

    and though I’ve no proof in actual numbers, judging from where I’m at now, to where I was when I was struggling (and not testing) : I would have to guess it pays off about a 1000 fold. When I first started testing I bet I ended up dumping 80% of the casinos i had listed.

    And it used to be okay to just test a casino once or twice and if they passed, you were probably jake, but now I think the cheaters have gotten more sophisticated and now rather than shave players, they siphon-off proven good players after a set amount of time.

    To counter-act that : I have begun the campaign as stated : now I keep (loose) tabs and if I catch a situation where one of my proven players tells me they deposited say a $1000 bucks on last tuesday, and it didn’t show up; then I know to dump that casino and you can bet that though I may not make my results public (because I still may be making money with that program and don’t care to lose it) that I will be talking to all my closer friends and peers in an attempt to save them falling into the same trap that I find myself; as I would hope they would do the same for me.

    Don’t worry about not being informed too much though; because as soon as my residuals drop-off you can bet I’ll be yelling from the mountain tops to anyone that will listen.

    And most programs that cheat in such manner, won’t waste too much time in killing-off residual income once they see I’m not sending any more new players.

    so its about a 2 to 3 month stretch at best would be my guess before I’d take such action.

    All that said; don’t rely on me; everyone should test and do so with more than a $20 deposit.

    like I said, it will pay back immensely.


    thanks for the input on click2pay, and if you wanna test a casino for me, holler (pm) and I’ll send you some money thru neteller.



    PM or me or email me. I’ll do a 1 for 1 exchange with you. (i.e, you test one of my casinos and I’ll test one of yours. We’ll use the same amounts in our deposits.)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)