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    Merry Christmas! Well, not really… this week the European Union settled it’s $100 billion claim against the US over the internet gambling ban. Is there any hope left for online gaming in America? You bet!

    Join the Fight!


    Thanks for another excellent clip!



    I think I get about as steamed as you when watching the vid! Man we have a bunch of self-serving politicians. It’s amazing that it is acceptable to pull out of a binding contract IF you are the United States.

    Imagine another country trying to pull this shit????


    The golden rule … Them with the Gold makes the rules….


    Would have been nice to mention the EU ruling is not quite completed correct as it will still require approval.. The storage pieces are scary as I dont need plutonium in my back yard just because an EU entity bought a barn lol.

    Once again great video! Its a shame these crooks keep giving you easy content week after week


    Hi my friends…

    Yea this is some sick stuff. It seems things are not going well for us right now… will not be a very Merry Christmas…

    @allfreechips 148960 wrote:

    Its a shame these crooks keep giving you easy content week after week

    Yea and here’s more content for next week:

    WTO awards Antigua sanctions in U.S. gambling case

    GENEVA (Reuters) – Antigua and Barbuda is entitled to compensation of $21 million a year from the United States for being shut out of the U.S. online gambling market, a World Trade Organisation (WTO) arbitration panel ruled on Friday.

    Antigua can also collect the damages by waiving U.S. rights in intellectual property, for instance by lifting copyright on films or music so that Antigua can sell them in the United States or abroad, it said in a report.


    Even though it’s not the decision we were hoping for ($21M and not $3.4B) I still don’t think the US likes this very much…

    US urges Antigua to delay WTO sanctions on Internet gambling

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States Friday urged Antigua to hold off on imposing sanctions authorized by the WTO in a dispute over online gambling, saying Washington was revising its WTO commitments.

    Spicer said Washington has initiated a formal process at the WTO to revise its commitments and is in talks with Antigua and six other WTO members that have claimed to be affected.



    On Dec 20th it was reported that Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have agreed to pay over $30M just to settle allegations (without admitting) that they promoted and advertised online gambling since 1997.
    It looks like the US government is insuring itself against WTO rulings and future compensations by intimidating companies that may or may not have ‘aided’ in promoting online gambling. It was very creative of them to target Microsoft, Google and Yahoo for their roles in providing platforms for advertising online gambling.
    I wonder if the next step would be to for the US government to threaten to sue banks over charged commissions and interests rates for ‘gambling-related’ transactions since 1997. That would probably amount to hundreds of millions of USD.


    Funny how that article made no mention of Yahoo’s ownership of an online poker site for it’s UK audience. I think they still have that…


    What is a point that also remains is that nothing has ever gone to trial.

    The DOJ is very careful to settle everything out of court.

    The only case that may yet end up in court is David Carruthers’, and that is a pure sportsbetting case.

    And even that is being treated very carefully, as it has never yet been actually said by any court that the wireact applies to the internet. As a matter of fact, a few years back the FCC (Federal Comminucations Commission) ruled that the phonelines and the internet are NOT the same.

    It is very interesting to see how the DOJ can invent laws and actually enforce them by mere intimidation, and apply this to huge companies because they just don’t want to be held up in court for eons and spend tons of money. It’s easier for them to throw the DOJ a bone, and the DOJ just loves to set the precedent.

    But even with these companies that cave, you will see that they all insist that they admit no wrong doing.

    The only guys who admitted wrong doing are the Neteller founders, who are well to do individuals who just wanted to pay a fine and be left to enjoy their money and would say anything to get rid of the mess. The companies are more cautious than that, and the DOJ settles for the dollars without any admission of guilt. That ought to tell you something.


    @Dominique 149159 wrote:

    …it has never yet been actually said by any court that the wireact applies to the internet. As a matter of fact, a few years back the FCC (Federal Comminucations Commission) ruled that the phonelines and the internet are NOT the same.

    Excellent post, Dom… I do believe I remember that ruling as well.

    Now, you know I love you and am 100% on your side, but no matter what the FCC says or believes… and no matter how lightly the DOJ has treaded up to now… you know they will use the Wire Act to get David.

    I mean, look at this part of the statute… with all the rabits they pull from their hats, convicting David on this will be easy:

    Whoever being engaged in the business of betting or wagering knowingly uses a wire communication facility for the transmission in interstate or foreign commerce of bets or wagers or information assisting in the placing of bets or wagers on any sporting event or contest, or for the transmission of a wire communication which entitles the recipient to receive money or credit as a result of bets or wagers, or for information assisting in the placing of bets or wagers, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.


    Well, what’s going to kill him is that both BOS and sportsbooks in general actually use the phones to take bets.

    Still, the courts haven’t ruled that the wireact applies to the internet.

    The DOJ has kept this well from the courts so far, and poor David is sitting there waiting for them to get their act together.

    I hope he has a good Christmas!


    Me too…

    I wish there was a way to talk to him… see how he’s hloding up. But I know that even if I could track him down his attorney would never let him say anything publicly.

    Peace to you, David… wherever you are.


    What a way to come back to the office…

    Ho Ho Ho indeed :)

    Loved it mate
    Thanks for the laugh (and the info) :)

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