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DeanEllen have you seen this?

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    Thanks, haven’t seen that one. How does one hijack optin servers anyways? Needless to say, we haven’t sent out one mailer since all this started. What an idiot, he must really be getting pissed off, we just received this email from and there’s many others investigating him.
    I’ll let Dean reply to that one :D

    Thank you for your information regarding the alleged violation of Shaw
    High-Speed Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

    Based on the information provided, we have identified the offending computer
    and will take appropriate action(s).

    These actions may be:
    – Issue a warning by email indicating a complaint has been registered
    – Issue a warning that service may be suspended if activity continues
    – Suspend or terminate Shaw High-Speed Internet connection to customer


    I guess he thinks the flood of email he got back was from a hijack.

    Nothing so elaborate and beyond my ability. Simply the redirection of all the bounces back to him and the addition of an auto reply that would have caused some looping and a few hundred extra emails from a proggie I played with gave him a healthy dose of his own medicine. :)

    Least I know it worked.


    I understand that he has been shut down by European Authorities.

    I am sure he is quite angry given that and that his mailings “backfired”.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)