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    I love you guys, but we are just not meant to be.

    Now that I love your stats, I struggle finding any creatives.

    I wanted a creative featuring roulette. Took me an enormous amount of time to figure out you didn’t have one – at least not in my size.

    And what happened to mailers?

    I just spent a whole bunch of time on the site and walked away with nothing.

    Are you planning to improve on the whole setup you have for this? Heck, I liked the old one fine. I could find stuff quickly there, or decide you didn’t have it.

    Kinda hard to promote without materials…


    I have also mentioned to them, there banner section is not user friendly..
    They have assured me in the next update of the program, the banner section will be more user friendly :)


    That’s good to hear, and more plentiful would also be a good idea.

    With so many game specific sites around, it would be nice to have some game specific banners also.

    I would also appreciate some mailers.


    Hi Guys

    We are going to be streamlining the media section in the next update.
    As far as the amount of creative available there is a lot more coming within the next week.
    There will also be a lot of mailers coming online!

    Please feel free to send through your suggestions or comments to me directly.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)