Crazy fees of payment options!

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    I have not been around for awhile.. as a matter of fact have taken a big step back to look at things and try to reproach this lack of business situation and turn things back around. I still make a small amount here and there but not enough to make a living like I have in the past… yes its a sad thing but anyway to my point.

    I see all the new payment options popping up (not many pay by check) and each payment option you have to jump through hoops. You almost need to send a vial of blood in order for them to approve your account and all this take months. To throw salt in your face… once your account is setup you have to pay ridiculous fees in order to get paid.. for example Quicktender.. CHARGES $20 TO WITHDRAW! then my own bank charges me $15 now thats $35! How outrageous is that?!?
    Is it just me or do some of you feel that some of these groups love this new setup.. as in they get to gouge you before you get your money.. and who are these company’s owned by? Are they tied with any casino group? Then there is CSC and this group had me fill out a freaking 9 page application with photo id and bill statements.. I am waiting for them to ask for fingerprints and a sample of my dna before they give me my money. Its been 2 months now! lol

    None of these groups can send a check? I mean after all some still are sending checks like referback and even those guys at cashwave send a check.. so why cant the rest? I hate to be Mel Gibson in conspiracy theory but I do tend to believe this is a rouse setup by the casinos themselves to cover in some way the losses thay have had.. They see it as a opportunity to make an extra buck (or make you think about gambling the fee, and of course then some). I mean I agree a need for deposit and payment options is needed but this is absurd to say the least what these guys are doing. I think even CSC if I read the terms right are going to charge me $25 off the bat for just having the account lol. Anyway, I just wanted to bitch about it so thank you for listening (kinda) :)

    Oh well hopefully Ill see you guys in a few months. If not then good luck with everything guys I mean that.. Some of you have been what I would like to call friends. Even if we are not, none the less I love you all.


    Hey Diceman,

    It’s been a while…:wavey:

    I agree with all you said above – with the exception of QT. Regardless of your bank charges (mine are $50), QT gets $20 and they route through Deutsche Bank who get $10. So it’s $30 before your bank sees it. Just happened to me with no explanation of where the $10 went and my bank had to put a trace on the money to learn about Deutsche Bank.

    Please don’t be a stranger – we’re all trying to turn it back around – it’s tough, I know. Keep on pitching – we’ll all get there eventually, it just takes persistence and maybe a prayer.



    Well, I was not trying to make accusations really but just talking openly about how I feel about it lol. No, they all seem to be great and valuble services its just the costs behind it all thats gut wrenching. Not to mention the things we have to go through in order to have the account. Someone could almost start a service to help people signup for the service its so bad lol.

    $50! thats what your bank charges…!!! WOW! so now I feel better lol.. $35 is not to bad after all :P

    Ill try to be around more.. I have been focused on setting up websites for friends, family and a few of the businesses around here. Its keeping money in my pocket but I am cheep so not to much in there :).

    The current state of things kind of makes me sad to be honest. Seeing all the shows I dont get to goto and not being able to meet my friends is a bit sad as well.

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