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    The term conversion rate is constantly being used in our industry. This is a key data point that can eventually define our potential revenue and profits as affiliates. We, at B4Playing, are constantly being asked by potential affiliates about our conversion rate and we are in the dark as per what is the right answer.

    This post intention is to find a common denominator and a clear definition to the term conversion rate.

    Definition number 1- Conversion rate is the ratio between real players (players who registered and provide their personal data including source of payment) and depositors (players who deposited real money.)

    Definition number 2- Conversion rate is the ratio between fun players (players who downloaded the software) and depositors.

    Note: some properties report fun players and others report real players and some report both.

    Definition number 3- Conversion rate is the ratio between visitors who clicked into a specific property and depositors.

    We all know that conversion rate is strongly impacted by the quality of traffic. P2P traffic is different than Adwords traffic and is different than SEO, organic traffic. How can this entire traffic be blended into a single conversion rate number?

    Most affiliates run their own website and can analyze the conversion rate (whatever the definition is) as the same visitors to their site select various properties and these can be compared based on the results from each property.

    Is there a better definition or a consensus as per what conversion rate is?


    Conversion rate is a phrase not a definitive term.

    All three definitions descibe different things – although as an affiliate I’d possibly be intersted in all three – depending on my player base.

    Definition #3 ( Depositors / Clicks ratio) is probably the easiest and best to use if you are looking for a single numeric value that can be taken acrooss the industry.

    Definition #2 (Depositors / Downloads ratio) could also be useful for sites who link directly to a whole lot of downloads.

    Definition #1 (Depositors / Real Players ratio) is probably the least useful for generic comparisions across idfferent programs if only because each program seems to have a different set of standards in defining what a “real player” is.

    However, in comparing between casinos within a program then #1 would be most useful, especially with demographic data.

    Also these three ratios seem to measure different efficiencies …

    Definition #3 ( Depositors / Clicks ratio) probably identifies the quality of the affiliate site visitors (freebie hunters v novice players v active punters). Each affiliate site will probably get a very different value at your program.

    Definition #2 (Depositors / Downloads ratio) measures the desirability of the software – and the sales value of the games. This is more a reflection on the appeal of the software – and the ability for the site to make a sale.

    Definition #1 (Depositors / Real Players ratio) seems to me to be a measure of the ability of the program site to make and complete a sale. While player quality MIGHT affect these numbers a bit – it seems to me that the play is “sold” on the site – so most likely factor is the ease of use in depositiing playing.

    Also – I think that you need to be able to “slice and dice” these numbers on these metrics according to other data.

    Definitions #2 and #3 should have IP addresses at least which should be resolveable to a particular country.

    Definition #1 should also have age and sex demographics as well – as these players have supposedly provided real data.

    So as a quality affiliate who thinks that I presell my sites before they visit a program then I’d be really interested in definition #1 at your program for a sub-section of players.

    I might even ask what your top 5 countries are for male players between 18-35 (as I associate this with my sports betting based traffic) for definition #1 to bsee if I have a match with my userbase.

    While a US based affiliate who simply attracted free bet seeking download players (of dubious quality) might be interested in definition #2 or #3 for the US market.

    So it’s a good question Udi – but I can think of three different answers right there – and there are probably more.


    gooner pretty much said it all…

    For me – there is pretty much only one conversion rate which is { clicks to depositors }

    None of the other conversions rates really matter i.e even if you have a 90% conversion from sign up to depositors – you might only have a 1% conversion from clicks to signups as it could be a very targeted promotion or someting.

    So only really clicks to depositors count as a proper statistic which is also a level playing field statistic (as many casinos / poker rooms have different criteria for a signup or a validated signup etc etc)


    @darko123 149237 wrote:

    gooner pretty much said it all…

    For me – there is pretty much only one conversion rate which is { clicks to depositors }


    The causes of the conversion rate can be and are forever argued. Affiliates say it’s the casino’s fault if they are low, casinos say it’s the affiliate’s traffic source.

    Of course it’s both.

    All the other points above become relevant when you try to determine the cause, and there was a time when I fiddled around with that a lot. I gave up. I now just look at clicks to depositors, and compare only between programs that receive equal exposure on my own site. I find the conversion rates of other sites totally irrelevant.

    When I get down to that, I can see which type promos work best for my particular traffic. The programs that offer these types promos consistently will do better than others.

    IMO, the art of optimizing your traffic is in offering the promotions that fit it best. In time, if you have return traffic, your traffic will actually adjust to these promos, i.e. the people who like them will come back to you for more of the same. This will be the best converting traffic you can get.


    clicks to depositors is the main thing i look at. I then compare it to other programs getting same or better exposure.

    if you traffic is high quality volume will not matter as much!


    The most mainstream is probably the click/depositors one. On the other hand when things don’t go as expected you would also look at the rate of downloads vs depositors.
    Impressions/clicks is another interesting one to measure. I.e. how are your creatives performing prior to you sending someone away to a 3rd party site.


    How about site´s unique visitors/depositing players ratio (depositing to at least one casino one promotes)?

    How good of a rate are best affiliates able to get in this area? (to know this, you have to use google analytics or similar program of course).

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