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Conversion Rate Question

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    Hi All.

    I’ve been with ReferBack for about 2 years now, and have heard the referback casinos are well known for their low conversion rates compared to other programs.

    Anyway, after a slow start this month, on referback i’ve had 830 clicks, 255 downloades, resulting in 25 new accounts.

    This is converting about 3% of clicks, or 10% of downloads into new real accounts. Is this typical, low, or high? Referback is really the only affiliate program i’ve marketed heavily, and am wondering if i’m missing out.

    – Stephen


    Sounds like a good conversion rate to me. I haven’t tried promoting them yet, but maybe I should!


    How many of those 25 accounts are depositers, and how many are free players?


    All 25 are real money players. From memory there’s only about 40 guest accounts this month.


    Here are my stats from Jan till now

    Number of downloads: 1,681
    Number of Guest accounts: 280
    Number of Real accounts: 719
    Number of new Real accounts Purchasing: 159

    So I also have 10% download to purchasing

    This is quite low compared to other casinos, but I think what causes that is the no deposit bonuses. So many players just take the free bonus and never deposit.

    And to prove that if I look only at the stats for one advert that dont promote the free bonuses my stats change dramitically:

    Number of downloads: 46
    Number of Guest accounts: 12
    Number of Real accounts: 19
    Number of new Real accounts Purchasing: 10

    10 reals from 46 downloads that’s about 25%


    Based on my past experience with Referback, you are getting good results… almost incredible, in fact.


    I dont know. With other affiliate programs – out of 255 downloads I would get at least 50 depositing players – change the program.
    Last month on one of the less advertised programs of mine I got 10 depositing from 45 downloads this month they perform even better 5 out of 20 – you do the math :)

    Now, put 40% comission compared to 25% of Referback – :rasta:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)