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    I’ve got my site set-up so that I receive an email each time a clickthrough occurs … and I’ve found so far that I’m getting maybe half a dozen emails a day at the moment (which isn’t too bad I suppose given that the site’s only been up and running a month. However, I haven’t had any conversions yet, which has got me wondering:

    (a) Are clickthroughs all coming from visitors to the site? Or is it possible that various spiders are triggering the emails when the crawl through the site?

    (b) Are conversion rates just really low for Poker affiliates?

    Any thoughts you might have on this would be really welcome. Especially if you could give me a ball park figure of a reasonable conversion rate!

    Thanks alot for your help


    Hello There,

    We dealt with the conversion topic just recently here

    What do you mean by “every time you get a click through” , is that any time someone clicks on a link / banner?



    I think that spiders do click through.

    To be honest i would completely ignore click throughs as any form of reliable performance gauge. As the logging of click throughs varies greatly between affiliate stat programmes.


    To minimize (but not entirely eliminate) false alarms, you should have a single file to track banner clicks (which it sounds like you already do). Then disallow this file in your robots.txt as follows:

    Disallow: /click.php

    This will prevent the good robots (Googlebot, Yahoo Slurp, etc.) from tripping the alarm.

    Next, you should set up a trap to catch and ban the bad robots. There are lots of articles on the net about this; see this page for an example. I would caution you to not use an obvious name such as “/bot-trap/” since this method has been around long enough I think most bot programmers would be smart enough to prevent their bots from going into something with the words “bot” and/or “trap” in its name. Instead, use a name which sounds like it would be a legitimate link.

    Lastly, patience is the most important component. There’s no simple formula for determing what your conversion rate will be because there are so many factors involved, but I wouldn’t expect it to reach or exceed 1% for several months.

    Profitable affiliates can probably chime in with more helpful stats about conversion rates than I can.


    just get a free account at or

    the first one will give you the info you are looking for (#visitors,keywords,referring pages,exit clicks etc).

    It is simple just copy the code wherever you want to in your website.

    It works fine.



    Thanks alot for the help – much appreciated.

    One quick question though, if I want to list a number of files that the robots shouldn’t be clicking through to, how do I do it? What format should the list take?


    @MortimerJazz 153119 wrote:

    if I want to list a number of files that the robots shouldn’t be clicking through to, how do I do it? What format should the list take?

    Disallow: /file1.html
    Disallow: /file2.html
    Disallow: /folder1/filename.html
    Disallow: /folder2/filename.html


    To disallow everything within a subfolder, use:

    Disallow: /banned-folder/

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)