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Clash of the forums CAP and GPWA

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    Can I call you the Messiah?

    Only if it’s accompanied by gifts of large monetary value :)


    @GamTrak 186753 wrote:

    COLOR=”RED”]You are a trouble maker and I want you to leave my name out of your hate-mongoring idiotic mouth! You best adhere to the rules before you find yourself bitchin about being banned as well. LEAVE ME OUT OF YOUR CRAP![/COLOR]

    wtf is this?! cmon gamtrak, behave yourself. this is not a way to treat other people. unless of course, you expect to be treated the same way…


    This thread has been locked because it is clearly not accomplishing anything beneficial for this industry. The fact that nearly everyone in this thread is just bickering, and not discussing how to improve this industry, is utterly pointless. Also, Gamtrak has done a magnificent job with moderating these forums and provides an extremely valuable service for the industry, and I think she therefore deserves a certain level of respect. Nothing is accomplished by making personal attacks at people, but it is in fact just childish.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)