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    Hi guys,

    What criteria do you look at when choosing who to promote on your site?

    Do most of you go for a “the more the better” type approach, or is quality more important than quantity?

    I’m certainly thinking I want a limited number of promoted sites on my site, would just be interested to know if others think the same, and if so why they choose a particular site(s)

    As always, thanks for any help.


    there have been quite a few discussions on here about the subject….
    most of us go for the few quality ones
    and that again is different for everyone
    what works great for one ,can be nothing for someone else, and visa versa

    try a search…


    Based upon what your site’s premise is… I would HAVE to say choose very few properties and choose them wisely.


    Thanks guys, sorry if I’ve brought up an already covered subject.

    I’ll try the search function next time.


    normally i would like to say test it but for VIP i would be looking at other parameters as well.


    Do your research and make a list of 10 based on information on this site and other resources like gpwa. (Based on where your traffic comes from, the languages that you need and the feedback on the program on customer service, payment etc)

    Then halve that number and go with 5 initially . Make sure you have decent spread of different software platforms as well- as this should increase your overall conversion, say go with 2 microgaming, 2 playtech and a cryptologic.

    At the end of the day, the only sure way of finding out is to test yourself, so periodically throw another one into the mix. Try and work out why your best partner is working so well, and try and replicate.

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    My two cents…

    Personally, I go for the fewer and quality. I am lucky enough to obtain a special relationship with sportsbook that offers my players “special bonuses”, and I exclusively promote them.

    I personally feel that offering every site under the sun makes your site look like an affiliate farm. A lot of gamblers understand that gambling-related sites are affiliates. If you promote one or two trusted sites and maintain a relationship with the programs and your players, I believe it gives you more credit.

    I know from my discussions on sport betting forums, that most see the “more the better” approach as site that doesn’t really care about their players and community. They view the ones that offer one or two as better sources because they believe they have a “special” relationship with them. In many cases they are correct.


    I know there was a website that was offering publicly the Conversion Rates of the most important casinos online. That kind of information could help you a lot.


    When I started I went overboard and tried to “review” 20-30 different properties. I was all over the place. Needless to say, this didn’t work for me.
    I then selected a few choice properties that fit my needs.

    Nice website, by the way.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)