Checks Bounced Again!!!

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    Well back around September, my checks from Casino Blasters and Best Casino Partner bounced. Casino Blasters sent me a new check to cover the amount that bounced but did not reimburse my fees charged by my bank. They also sent a check for the next months payment. Both of these checks bounced again. WTF. Now I am charged more bank fees.

    I suggest everyone stop promoting this program or you will lose money. Casino Blasters is now on my scam list. xxx you Casino Blasters I’m about to go to one of these CAP events just so I can xxxx you up.

    btw BCP sent me a new check and covered my bank fees for the last one that bounced. It was issued by a different bank and so far it hasn’t bounced so they are still ok in my book.


    I had a check bounce from Blasters in mid November.

    I have been in contact with Jeff at Blasters an he did state there was a problem with a processor during November but that it had been cleared up.

    He was out sick for about a week recently but is trying to follow-up on all outstanding issues and emails.

    I suggest calling their office and leaving a message and possibly resending the email.



    They knew about the payment processor issues when the first check bounced yet they sent me 2 more checks to bounce on me. I already have about $60 in bank fees because of their ignorance. I don’t even want any more checks from them. If they send me any more I will just throw them away. I am not taking the chance of them bouncing again. All I wanna do now is take it out on them by beating every one of their xxxx asses.


    Rob you cant make physical threats against programs or other members. This thread was just brought to my attention and I dont want to see behavior like this again.

    If you have a problem lets address it properly and get a solution. I get checks from Casino Blasters and BCP and my bank has no issue with them. This may be related to YOUR bank.

    At any rate Jeff is more then willing to help you fix the problem. Lets work towards that end without being abusive.


    Yes, and please watch your language.

    We can be fairly liberal here but this is going too far. This is a professional board, not a neighborhood honky tonk.


    Ok then I apologize for the language. I thought we were all grown here. :rolleyes:
    However, I do respect the rules here and apologize for breaking them.

    Professor: The problem is not with my bank it is with their bank. I was told when the first checks bounced that they accidentally wrote the checks against a closed account. Well BCP took care of the problem and sent me checks from the new account. Casino Blasters intentionally sent me new checks for the same CLOSED account.

    The amount for these checks wasn’t even much so it wouldn’t even be that big a deal but I am being charged bank fees and ruining my good reputation with my bank.

    If Jeff is so willing to help then where is he? Why isn’t he here to say anything about this? Why don’t I get any answers when I email support? When they sent me the second set of bad checks, why didn’t they reimburse my bank fees from the last one bouncing?

    They assured me that they took care of the problem before these last checks bounced and look what happened. 2 more bounced checks and $40 more in bank fees. So if they tell me its fixed now I am supposed to believe them? I am supposed to just cash their checks and wait for those to bounce too so I can lose more money?

    I have every right to be pissed off.

    PS – What is a neighborhood honky tonk?


    Jeff contacted me and offered his assistance. He has always been very easy to work with. You can reach him directly via Live Chat at Casino Blasters alternately you can PM me your affiliate ID and I will get the info to him.

    I know bounced checks are extremely frustrating, but it makes no sense to say they purposely sent you more bad ones. What I would find easier to believe is it was a stupid mistake by someone in accounting. I would imagine they have better things to do then send out bad checks intentionally. They know your going to follow up on it and most likely be mad so why do it?

    Try reaching Jeff via Live Chat or PM me and lets get you taken care of.


    @Rob472 148726 wrote:

    PS – What is a neighborhood honky tonk?


    Honky tonks

    Honky tonks were rough establishments, mostly in the Deep South and Southwest, that served alcoholic beverages to working class clientele. Honky tonks sometimes also offered dancing to piano players or small bands, and sometimes were also centers of prostitution.

    The distinction between honky tonks, saloons, and dancehalls was often blurred, especially in cowtowns, mining districts, military forts, and oilfields of the West. Eventually, as variety theaters and dancehalls disappeared, honky tonk became associated mainly with lower class bars catering to men.

    As Chris Smith and Charles McCarron noted in their 1916 hit song “Down in Honky Tonk Town”, “It’s underneath the ground, where all the fun is found.”

    “Honky Tonk Women” is a 1969 hit song by The Rolling Stones

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    Dom where can i find a Honky Tonk woman – i Searched for it but came up blank ;)

    Seriously Rob – Casinoblasters like any other program rely on a variety of auxillary services and if one of them messes up it rebounds on the aff program .

    I have had issues with CB recently and they did to their credit look after me – even though the mistake was mine

    Have a great Xmas guys and chiiiiiilllllll

    See ya in the new year in London



    where can i find a Honky Tonk woman


    Ask Mick:hattip:


    Wanted to give you a heads up. Am PMing you regarding WAY past substancial payment. No answers to various emails. If you could please assit, it would be appreciate. I do know you are recooping. I will PM you the info and please do assist ONLY when you feel up to it.

    TY in advance.




    Jeff contacted me via email today and I am awaiting his phone call when he gets back from holiday. I thought it was quite amazing that he would take the time to email me when he was on holiday. A good sign in my mind:hattip:

    Will keep you posted.


    I also just had a check from them bounce and still have other commissions due from both programs. Jeff did pay me a large amount owed a few months ago and I appreciate it, but I do hope we don’t have to keep chasing down payments. I did contact him again and I hope we can count on regular payments and checks that don’t bounce from now on. Jeff is a good guy, but yes, this needs some improvement.


    I have had a couple of December checks come back because of a closed account. I emailed them yesterday but have not received a reply.


    It seems that Casino Blasters is still sending out checks against a closed account. This has been going on for months and they are aware of it. Why are they still writing checks on the same account if they know its closed?


    Sound like I should have taken down their sites a long time ago.

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