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Change in Terms and Conditions

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    In order for you to receive the bonus, you must wager the initial deposit at least five times.

    To withdraw the bonus and the winnings gained you will simply need to:
    Have on your account the amount deposited and double the bonus amount
    Have wagered 5 times the deposited amount plus wager 5 times the bonus amount received

    please note that the Casino would not consider wagers and/or *winnings reached through the games played on Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, Red Dog, Sic Bo, Video Poker, Table Poker, Casino War and all variations of these games.

    Please note that this promotion does not overlap with any other promotion in offer.

    This is a backwards move, isn’t it? Once again, the player has to “earn” the bonus? Why not increase the wager requirements in a straight-forward manner, rather than this “backdoor” method. Players can understand an increase in the wager requirements, but this seems more like you’re trying to put one over on them.

    Just seems sneaky doing it this way.:nono:


    I may be coming from left field here, but those conditions seem to be a positive step – it’ll separate the bonus abusers from real players somewhat by requiring them to demonstrate a desire to play the games with money they deposit prior to receiving a bonus.

    I don’t think a player who is genuinely more interested in playing at their casino would object – a bonus ‘whore’ certainly would.

    Those are my initial and, perhaps, unenlightened, thoughts to these new requirements. Looking forward to hearing what others think.


    Previously, players were required to wager their money x times before getting a bonus. Consequently, most players never got a bonus at all, not being able to meet wager requirements.

    Now consider that other Microgaming casinos are now using the “EZ Bonus” system, where players have a much “player-friendly” system. Of the two options, which is more likely to sell?

    If the idea is to get players to spend their money, they are more likely to do so, if they get to play longer, imv.

    As a player, I’m a vip at a couple of VA casinos. The fact is, when I was offered a 100% bonus with these terms, I declined it. Why bother? If I win enough to meet the wager requirements, I might as well go ahead and cash out my winnings, with no restrictions. There is no incentive for me to give them my money, as compared to another casino who offered me a 100% bonus, a casino with the EZ Bonus.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)